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However, growth hormones are not found in the drugstore around the corner, but those who want to increase their muscle mass by taking medication have to search a bit more specifically. On the Internet interested people will find numerous injectable drugs or those in tablet form to buy. You can usually order various types of synthetic testosterones online, such as short-chain propionates, medium-chain enanthates and cypionates, as well as long-chain undecanoates and buciclates. Of course you won't find them at Amazon, but the search for a suitable shop often doesn't take long.

The providers usually do not inform about side effects of the hormones, such as gynecomastia or impotence. In return, one receives a wide range of potency products, growth hormones such as human growth hormones (hgh) and many other products, but mostly without recommendations for use. But is buying anabolic steroids allowed at all? The legal situations described above apply to most European countries where the private production and distribution of anabolic steroids such as artificial testosterone is illegal without a doctor's prescription. In Eastern Europe there were or still are some exceptions, but also here the legal situation is more and more adapted to that of the other countries and the controls for compliance are tightened. For example, a few years ago steroids could still be bought in Croatia or Serbia, but this is no longer the case.

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