Chemtrails (Part 1)

Contrails or Chemtrails, is there a difference?

Updated August 2005

Oct 16, 2004 1932Z 1:32pm Local

Contrails or chemtrails, I don’t care. They are having an effect on our skies our weather and ultimately our climate and this, by default, is by design. They must be acknowledged then fully studied and understood by the meteorological and the climate community!

NASA now wants us to count the contrails for them; this must mean that this project is over their/there heads too. Puns are intended.

July 2005

Since I first posted the site back in October 2004, many insights into the reasons for and why the contrails/chemtrails are
flown, have come into my understanding.  The arrows in the above image (please look at the large frame) relate to
specific happenings or boundaries of energy located within this specific frame.

The contrails are flown to map the sky of these scalar/EM energy signatures and to
make what is invisible visible.  It is that simple. This is (almost)the sole reason for the chemtrails!

The extent of the weather manipulation must be known at all times in as many locations as physically and fiscally possible.
This knowledge directly results in how we, the US, will fight back against the other weather makers that don’t have our
(the US’s) best interests at heart.  

So this contrail marking program is near real time surveillance of the scalar happening in the sky.

This is why the planes are very, very active before the arrival of any storm of substantial size, regardless of season.
The contrails are incapable of affecting this kind of weather in any sensible means; so the thoughts that they are capable
of killing rain/thunderstorms upon arrival is not valid. The collapse of rain making storms is a result of ionic strikes
and not the chemtrail planes that are there looking for the ionic strikes.

By 1951Z 1:51pm Local

Just 29 minutes later versus the previous image Just 29 minutes later the two of the four tracks-these east bound-continue to fan out. Net result, more high cloud cover.

Some think that the chemtrail mission is directly related to the late Dr. Edward Teller’s infamous white paper advocating aerosol spraying as a means towards global climate control. Dr. Teller, known throughout the world as the “father of the hydrogen bomb,” did write such a paper and it is still downloadable from the Internet as a PDF document here:

I now know this is disinformation at least in regards to its relation to the chemtrails.

There simply is NO relationship here.  If this were the case it would be openly public and a lot of taxpayer dollars would
have been thrown at the problem of climate control or UV reduction/filtering.


This is a serious project that is stunningly immense in scope, at a minimum, several hundred aircraft are active daily (probably closer to 1200)… the intent of the aircraft has been the focus of the debate. Some Information is here to settle that dispute.

October 2004:  This debate was the last area I ever wanted to get into. I felt late to the game, and great research had already been done. But with a camera always at my side it would be just a matter of time before I ‘caught’ one of the active over flights spraying its cargo overhead. Below is that first picture I shot on August 29th at about 2pm Mountain. Now that I have seen one, and know what to look for these flights are so numerous, often several in the sky simultaneously, I wonder how I missed seeing them! Understanding why they flew never would have entered my mind had I not been familiar and understood Retired Lt. Col. Tom Bearden’s work at

Here is information that plays strongly into the linkage you will begin to grasp from my SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) section, thereby seeing the reason why the chemtrail activity remains urgent.

The following is a link to and an excerpt from a letter submitted to the site last July (July 04). This is a highly important essay read.

Those that are aware of the aerosol spraying
(which is a surprisingly small number) and believe it has
to do with the climate are actually the closest to the truth.
But the truth is so shocking, so unnerving, and so likely
to cause huge social and economic upheaval, that it is understandable
why the “powers that be” have elected to attempt this planetary
rescue mission while keeping most of the world in the dark.
Indeed, even most of the crews that fly the missions out
of air force bases around the globe in specially re-fitted
Lockheed and Boeing jets do not understand the true nature
of their mission. The full scope of the mission is only
revealed on a need-to-know basis. And what initially began
as an American project has now been joined by almost every
air force of every nation on Earth.

Large, politicized organizations like The Sierra Club and
Greenpeace and politicians like Al Gore may still be beating
the “evil industry is causing global warming” drum, but
they are ignorant of the facts. The hand wringers over the
stalemated Kyoto Protocol don’t know or understand that
their rather draconian agreement could have been passed
and enforced to the letter and it would make not one iota
of difference to the massive upcoming climate change ahead
of us. It is analogous to attempting to stop a rampaging
flood with a few, feeble sandbags.

Less than eight years ago the United States
took the lead and instituted a brilliant and bold project
borne out of desperation: creating a thermal, anti-radiation
barrier in a band of our atmosphere beneath Earth’s troposphere.
Although the project itself may cause some planetary climate
change, it is calculated to cause far less damage than the
events that have been extrapolated to occur in our near
future. It is a two-edged sword as the aerosol spraying
will undeniably affect some individuals making them sick
or otherwise affecting to an extent their immune systems
and respiratory systems. The trade off, however, is long
term survival of our civilization.

Read the whole letter. I do take issue with some minor details, but on the whole the assertions remain sound. That the Sun
is being stimulated by an outside civilization and we are trying to slow those climate altering effects on the Earth with this spraying.

I suppose that it is possible, and this is very disturbing, that there is a set timetable (sometime before 2012) to tip the entire climate system into chaos prior to the next ice age; this spraying and its attendant warming will insure that the ocean and atmospheric warming will continue at its increasingly rapid rate that is just now being realized by climatologists. This ultimately ends in the failure of the North Atlantic thermo cline and a fresh global ice age. Now this event would end civilization, at least as we know it today. In either case this project deserves immediate public scrutiny.

29 February 2008 - Southern Wyoming

What then happens to a deep blue clear sky  is this:

Seeding the sky for high cloud overcast. Something I now have to account for in the daily five-day forecast.

I cannot begin to count the number of days that should have been sunny–from sunup to sundown-that have been changed by
this activity. Clear days are now a much more rare commodity.

Ah, and the new colors to enjoy in the clouds as a result of this spraying of a pale green and salmon/pink.

Beautiful, and it would be more so if it were natural.   No this isn’t just the natural refraction

of water ice by sunlight.  Yes, there is some of this occurring, but the colors are refractions of (BA & AL)
Barium and Aluminum the metallic content of these contrail flights.

Squares PLUS Chemtrail colors, eerily beautiful.

Oct 14, 2004 1830Z 12:26pm Local

Oh my, aren’t we busy! I am shooting low looking toward the southern horizon. The short trail headed south is a marker flight just as the other two are.  One is east bound and the other west both looking/marking EM signatures/boundaries. Contrail duration  often will help us sort out the commercials from the marking program.   We have NO north-south commercial traffic over eastern Idaho, the coasts are the destinations giving us SE to NW flight paths overhead.  Usually the commercials leave no trails what so ever.

I would anticipate that the powers that be would introduce a marking mixture that would leave no trail visible to the naked eye truly allowing these plane to work nearly completely covertly.  The wider view below showing how the clouds are spreading out revealing the moments of the upper atmosphere and jetstream.

October 14, 2004 1833Z 12:33pm Mountain

Seeding the sky for the formation and generation of a warming canopy of cirrus clouds that reveals the inner workings of the scalar EM altering of the jetstream  and adjacent layers of atmosphere.

This contrail simply rolls over when it reached a different zone of shear.

February 2005 North Carolina

I tell you they never go back when I forget something!

Hard at work first thing in the morning.  Plenty of lateral sheer happening with the EM weather makers; and we must know just how much the atmosphere is being altered.  Contrails give us that information.  I know it is ugly, but it has to be done.

The arrowed location is at the intersection of three contrail lines.  It just happens to be the point at which one of the contrails rolls over in an area of strong lateral shear artificially introduced into the sky.  We would have never known about it without  the chemtrails. With a grid like this you can tell they are hunting scalar activity.

Sun dogs are so common now as the contrails are constantly seeding the atmosphere with condensation nuclei which result in these solar phenomena, during every season and now everywhere.  Note, as well, how the contrail fans out  and then fades away toward the clearing in the clouds at the lower portion of the picture.  The contrail was deliberately flown through that specific cloud opening to understand what was happening there. This is valuable information for the weather makers.

Contrails, scalar rippling, and a solar arc.  The contrail was likely flown looking for the boundary to the rippling seen in the upper right of the image.  This is Northern California, if I recall correctly.

A nice true color image from NASA looking at the back edge of a storm that is just clearing the western Great Lakes states.  This is a very dry atmospheric environment in that the passing storm has cleared the area of available moisture for clouds formation plus the inherent stabilization, post storm, leads to very clear skies. So we have many thick contrails that are lasting in an environment that shouldn’t support their visible existence.

Hence we have evidence of the contrail markers versus natural contrails. Abundant rippling over Michigan tells us that we have EM energies stimulating the atmosphere and thus the weather makers need to fly the contrails to measure this action and decide whether to employ counter measures as needed.

A couple of arrows have been added to point out the thick spreading contrails laid down just along the back edge of this storm, and the interesting dissipation over central Lake Superior marked earlier by the fading three north/south contrails.

End the scalar/EM warfare; end the contrail marker program.