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Some of the Videos From My You Tube Channel

August 30, 2012 Chemtrails over Colorado (HD)

A busy morning with chemtrails over southern Colorado and what they were looking for with these marking trails.

My explanation of Chemtrails Part One:

Explaining the chemtrail phenomena under a milky white sky full of trails.

Part Two

Deeper into the chemtrail phenomena..

Part Three 

Explaining chemtrails

Part Four

A music essay with video and chemtrail photos

Another Chemtrail Video Essay with the sky loaded with these things – October 27, 2008

A video essay from the Heavy chemtrail day of 27 Oct 2008 in Northern Colorado.

A Change in the Skies… Waves and a Sky with Clouds that Boil… Open Your Eyes

A photo essay on weather modification clouds and chemtrails and how our skies have changed over the years.

Chemtrail Photo Music Essay

More on how chemtrails are used to align and used as targeting for the weather modification technologies globally.

Four Chemtrail Planes Flying in Formation

A crazy day with four planes “trailing” and we see how the trails deform giving the weather makers information on how the atmosphere is responding to their activities.

Chemtrails and Satellite Imagery  – December 2011

A brief discussion of why the chemtrails are flown and some of the weather events that require their attention.

A Discussion of the Various Types of Trails:

December 9 2011

I talk about “ship-trails” and continue with the “Whys” of con-trail and chem-trail phenomena seen the world over.

A new Type of Plane Chemtrail-ing 

While out shooting some video of the clouds and planes with my Sony DSC-HX200V camera I captured what appears a new type of aircraft drafted into chemtrail service. It appears to be a P-180 Avanti. The Wikipedia page is here:

The plane was loud! So loud that it grabbed my attention so I darted outside to see just what was causing all the commotion. At first it looked like a Cessna CJ2+ an aircraft I see chamtrailing often at first look though the viewfinder that’s what I assumed it was. Not! This P180 has some impressive specs, it can essentially replace, or be added to the fleet of small business jets that are also at work in this chemtrail program.

This Geo-Engineering program is alive and well, only public awareness and more and more meteorologist growing the courage to talk about it can turn the tide and return “natural weather” back to this planet.

Keep looking up!


Part Two of the New Plane Chemtrailing

An extended discussion including videos of low flying planes, chemtrails, and how the etheric field of the planet, which is responsible to our weather, is manipulated and forced into submission by these electromagnetic weapons.