2012-1109 “Chemtrail Analysis”

9 November 2012

Not a lot going on locally, with clouds overhead through much of the day obscuring my view of the great sky above, so I do a “weather cast” looking at what’s going on around the country and where the trails are clearly evident on satellite imagery and then launch into a forecast for the next seven days.

Then I load up an old time lapse movie from Dec31, 2008 and I analyze a few of the trails and why they fly they way they do.  Don’t miss this explanation! at 10:30.  Watch in 720P, if possible.

“Everything changes, once the people see.”  -Scott Stevens

4 thoughts on “2012-1109 “Chemtrail Analysis”

  1. keep up the great job and getting the work out….have you looked up lately if not you dont know what your missing….hope to see the weatherwars movie soon….but it almost looks like they have won the war and its control and terra forming now….pretty soon the planet will take back control…..

  2. Scott…just wanted to let you know that the cloud cover thinned a bit yesterday (15th)over southern Idaho. There were a number of trails visible, with three trails meeting to form an asterisks. Thank you for all that you do!

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