2012-1116 “Flying in Formation”

November 16, 2012


Have a few days of video here.  It’s very pretty quiet and I haven’t been able to get outside as much during this past week.

We start with some decaying showers, ans what that looks like at 0:15.

“What’s up with that” with some flat topped clouds at 1:00 with a low low passing jet that looks all white, but there is some red or orange along the upper fuselage at 2:00.

Then Monday the 12th all blue with very few planes all day long, but at sunset, 2:30 the I zoom in at a western horizon with trails and some cirrus clouds with sharp 90-degree angles.

At 3:30 the next day’s sunset, Tuesday the 13th it’s the same thing, just some thin cirrus seen off the horizon at sunset.

At 4:42, Wednesday the 14th there is a return to chemtrails and the canopy of cirrus that they bring.  At 5:15 “Holy Cow!” a very low flying 747 rolls overhead.  I do not recognize the pain of this plane, but later on I figure out that it is an Atlas Air 747 that makes the same flight path four days later (Saturday the 17th of November at 10:19am) and I do get some good video of that passage overhead that was also very very low.

(At 7:30) It’s later on Thursday the 15th, as an advancing shield of clouds, littered with trails and loads of turbulence evident in the clouds that the planes were flying through, not above.

At 10:05…  The crescent moon is slightly obscured by cirrus clouds… I mention the new Great Comet ISON at 11:00.

At 13:00  “I suppose the question is then why do you need these trails?”  It is what the trails are making visible!”  “I may not be calling these chemtrails any more…”

At 15:00  “Friday Morning 16 November…”  A chemtrail becomes a banded cirrus cloud then a very BRIGHT sun dog makes an appearance At 18:00.

At 19:15 a triplet of military C-117’s are flying in formation from the West to the East.  I’ve got substantial clouds in the way so views are captured only as they clear the clouds.

At 22:20 some interesting waves, rather flat waves at that, are emerging out over the Valley with lenticular clouds over the mountains at 23:00.

At 26:00 If you are watching this in 720P,  you’re going to see this best.

At 27:00 Contrail research began in the 1940s, with project Paperclip bringing the Nazi scientists to America, and then all the technology that was transferred to the Military Industrial Complex in the 1950s via Eisenhower’s agreements with ETs’. With this came the ability to manipulate our weather.  This stuff goes back 60 years!

At 30:30 It’s time to find safe zones.. residents that stay near sea level will be at great risk going forward.

At 31:25  This must be the day of flying in formation.  Another set of three aircraft are photographed flying due north…

“Nothing changes until the people see.”  -Scott Stevens

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  1. I have to say this, with sometimes10-12 planes in the same air space, no wonder the price of gasoline is so flipping high for us who need to do our weekly shopping!!!

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