2012 1119 Conjoined Clouds

18 & 19 November 2012

What a nice weekend enjoyed here Southern Colorado.  Mostly sunny skies both days, yet we still witnessed many trails though both day and nighttime hours.

I get the title Conjoined Clouds from what I witnessed the 18th, as cumulus clouds were conjoined with lenticular and stratus cloud types simultaneously.. Beginning at :30 and continuing though the ribbed clouds with spinning edges at 3:50 through 5:00.

The ballet of the chemtrail flights on the next day begins with a Frontier Airbus flight at 7:00.  Then a close up of an American 737 flight that is buzzed by an unknown object at at  12:05…  An unidentified target works down the screen over about 20 frames.

More coming…

One thought on “2012 1119 Conjoined Clouds

  1. I really enjoyed your video from southern Colorado! I learned a lot from this. Thank you. I have observed the same thing with the” clouds forming” here after the USAF loads up our atmosphere with crap of some kind!! People here don’t realize that the USAF is modifying/manipulateing the moisture in the air. The “rain” that comes is polluted with the chemicals and therefore, I stay inside and if I have to go some wheres, I do wear my filter mask!!! Evey time!! The air is so murky from the chemicals, that our once “blue, beautiful skies” has turned to water-down milk!!

    Earlier in the year, the USAF sprayed south of here, and 3 stationary tornadoes
    were just “hanging around.” All were the same size; didn’t move much; and were side by side for about 20 minutes. Then, the upper air pushed them to the s/w. Finally they disappeared. Later on, about 4pm they sprayed north of us and 3 more stationary tornadoes show up. The same sceniero happened. Anothe larger “cloud” form just west of this second set. Finally they diappears withthe upper air flow. Have you seen anything like the tornadoes – stationary?


    Carol Bolles

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