2012-1120 The UPS ZigZag

November 20, 2012

Deep vivid blue skies this Tuesday morning with atmospheric clarity allowing for 100+ miles visibility.  Even in the very dry environment (temperature dew point spreads greater than 40 degrees F) these trails are still sticking.  By 2:30, or early afternoon, the trails are now beginning to spread out creating this canopy of chem-clouds that are continually being investigated by additional flights. See video at 4:10.    At 4:50, the chemtrail passes right though a previous trail leaving a track, a wake, through the earlier laid down trail.

The first of the “Zigzags”  happens at 7:50 with a plane of unknown type and carrier off on the western sky.  Then at 10:34, a pair of UPS planes, one leaving a trail and the other not, pass overhead.  As the DC-10 chemtrailing passes overhead, I am able to get some extreme close-ups of, at 11:23, as it passes to the West into the setting sun.  It makes it’s first shallow turn at 12:22 to pass though the debris of a previous trail.

At 14:00 a trail-less 747, glints in the sunshine headed my direction, yet I never see pass nearby.   Deforming trails on the horizon continue to get their ends kissed by additional trails.

That UPS DC-10 makes the first turn a big, 60 or 90 degree turn at 15:40,  a Northwest airlines 757 goes low and slow overhead at 16:45 before it disappears over the mountains.  At 18:25 the UPS DC-10 makes another major course correction at 18:25.

My Map/forecast discussion for the next five days begins at 20:53.

“Nothing changes until the people see.  -Scott Stevens

5 thoughts on “2012-1120 The UPS ZigZag

  1. hi wll i was showing ther ex gov of co the show in the sky and that live by me as i was working on ther cabingave them you web site and some of the outher sites but win thay spray the one stuff it will get windy 2 to 5 min after it like pos and neg poles and thay make the wind thank you scott my wife sead we need to meat uo some time go to the hot spring and look up nobody looks up

  2. I was working in the clinic when the clouds rolled by. There would be a break with blue sky, then the clouds would roll through, to be followed once again with blue sky. I assume those were the large ripples noted on your satelite image of southern Idaho. The skies this morning were stringy, ragged bottoms as the sun came up over the horizon.

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