Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails – Meteorologist Scott Stevens on Geo-Engineering

Posted November 24, 2012
Conference held: Sunday August 19, 2012

“IMO, this is one of the most credible presentation regarding Geo-Engineering available. Scott Stevens, speaking from the perspective of a weatherman, paints a very rational picture, and one you can share far & wide!”  -John Whyte


During these past nearly ten years I have given hundreds of interviews, for television,  radio, and print media and occasionally I have been invited to give presentations on this topic of weather modification and chemtrails with the use of visual aids.  None of them, until this one, have been recorded with a quality worthy of sharing on the internet.  I extend my deepest gratitude to John Whyte for his selfless work is putting together this Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails symposium this past summer and trust that this movement, spawned by an ever greater awareness of this most important issue, will enable this conference to become an annual event, until such a time arrives that it is no longer required because the work is accomplished.   Thank you  John.

-Scott Stevens

2 thoughts on “Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails – Meteorologist Scott Stevens on Geo-Engineering

  1. Hi Scott – Thanks for the best yet.

    We have had this in the UK since about 2001. Was really bad in Summer of 2004/5. Massive manipulation taking place this week December 12th etc.
    We have circles, DNA style, triangles, X’ A’s , dog legs just like the one you showed. It seems when the trails stop then we get normal frontal rainfall but much more intense as though its been held back for a long while while. We have regular chembows as well sometimes full spectrum sometimes just pink and apple green (barium?).
    I got weather radar evidence of storm creation and destruction in a period of just 30 mins over Eire on 11th Dec. Storm front moving at speed estimated over 200 mph! Am I the only one who looks up at the sky round here!

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