2012-1127 A Change in the Weather

November 27, 2012

November 27, 2012

Big rains are headed into California and this is the first wave of what could end up being a 10″ rainfall for some of the more favored higher elevations of the Golden State.

Plus a look at all the chemtrail activities here in Colorado and that includes a low level fly over of a Navy Boeing E-6 Mercury at 17:03.

One thought on “2012-1127 A Change in the Weather

  1. Driving home from work today. We had two cloud layers. The lower deck was broken, then farther to the west, it became more solid. I happened to glance through a break to see a twin-engined aircraft flying just above the lower deck, laying down a trail. That is the second time in as many weeks, that I have seen this. No doubt that these clouds are being engineered.

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