2012-1128 Mountain Monsters

November 28, 2012

I am in the pre-frontal storm environment as heavy rains are ashore the California Coast with the cirrus and trail laced canopy of cloud overhead throughout the day. These types of days are always great for my chemtrail photography.

Right off the bat (0:40) I photograph a Delta flight crossing through a “fall streak” type of cloud.  By (2:00) I photograph the trails as they intersect the main lenticular cloud that has developed over the mountains immediately to my east, and will remain  there till almost exactly sunset!

How can we track all these chemtrail flight? (4:00)  Is Twitter the answer?

At 5:00, a Southwest flight, not leaving any substantial trail gets within 3km of the lenticular and then the trail gets sticky and the contrail becomes a chemtrail. How convenient.
The sharpness of the lenticular peaks during the two hours prior to sunset. (8:00)

At 11:15 I add the time lapse video of the last three hours of the days activities over the mountains.  Each frame is shot at a five second interval, with 30 frames per second.

7 thoughts on “2012-1128 Mountain Monsters

  1. When you mention an airline, i.e. Delta, Southwest, leaving a trail; are these planes that have been set aside or purchased specifically for this use? Or, are they actually using commercial airliners to carryout these dastardly chemtrail deeds?

  2. Been studying this for about 12 years. I live in Southern Humboldt and have a show on KMUD, people powered radio. I am a pilot and have been flying for over 50 years. My show is called The pilots Lounge. We are doing a series on weather modification and its effects on people, plants and our living environment. We are not experts and need to get the information out to our listeners.I need knowledgeable people to talk to so that this important message is aired, The show airs on Friday 12/7 at 7PM KMUD 91.1 FM and on the world wide web at KMUD.org .People are getting sick. Our air and water is no longer clean Please contact me Your help is needed,
    Sincerely Richard Weber

  3. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your website, it is great… My wife constantly tells me to keep my eyes off of the sky. She was a non-believer until I started pointing out the mile(s) long contrails that evolved into jello like substances (cant call them clouds)… I live in New Jersey and the overflights are amazing.. A friend and I have counted upwards of 6 planes flying at any one time, and have noticed that above the breaks in the artificial clouds the sky looks almost sooty looking…. Also today noticed a jet that flew overhead and the trails that it left behind were unlike any I have seen or photographed. They were skinny and seemed to loop around each other.. They looked almost like dna strands.. well, looking forward to the almost 70 degree weather that we will be having in New Jersey in the next few days.. Once again, thanks for the work that you are putting in,.

  4. Excellent work and reporting! Wanted to share, take any pipe, larger the better, steel,copper, stainless and lean so it is standing as close to straight up as possible, angle cut on top good. Take an old sock and drop the toe end down into the top of the tube and flop the cuff over the top edges to hold it there. pour vinegar into the sock. Watch the chemcrud dissolve from the sky’s along with all the flu virus they are spreading.

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