12/17/2012 – Local News Stations Doing Stories on Chemtrails

12/17/2012 – Local news station doing stories on Chemtrails

An edited email…
Hi Scott,
I follow your updates on weatherwars.info and am grateful for your courage to speak the truth about what our government and  ( world governments ) are doing. I have attached a link that disappointed me in that the TV station totally dismissed the whole contrail / chemtrail thing off on the say so of some professor that I am sure is funded by the government as well. I’ll have more to say and share with you in the near future as I believe in the cause but have already made mistakes in my approach in confronting the monarchy in power.
You are much appreciated!!

My reply:


How would a common run-of-the-mill local professor know anything about chemtrails? Better yet, where would Kiii-TV go to get an interview with someone who would know something about chemtrails?  It’s not that he is on the take, he is just unaware and therefore ignorant of what’s going on up there. He doesn’t understand the MOTIVE behind the trails. Therefore he sees them as nothing but “random” pollution generated by common air traffic.  Newsrooms just do not have any contacts in their Rolodex to go to when they might do a story on this topic.  They just don’t!  SO, they must do what they can, IF they decide to use station resources to do the story. What they can do is interview the local prof’s, NWS, and the like.  Sadly that just isn’t a very deep bench of talent, locally, to go to do a story on this fringe topic.

We were all ignorant of this issue at one point in our lives, I certainly was.  So the work continues in educating and making aware the people of Earth to this PLANETARY agenda that might just be the greatest threat to all of us and our long-term and more immediate well being.

Greater awareness is the answer!

Keep looking up,


2 thoughts on “12/17/2012 – Local News Stations Doing Stories on Chemtrails

  1. Hello Scott (and David);

    There are days when I get so frustrated that local, regional, and national news aren’t picking up the chemtrail agenda, AND I completely understand why (not). I live in a Northwest city where a major university funds massive geoengineering projects, as does Bill Gates and others in the area. David, I appreciate your sharing your voice and saying what you know to be true, against the tide of media folks who cow tow completely to the pressure…

    There was a day when slavery was deemed “legal” here in the U.S., even though multitudes of individuals knew that it was an intolerable, abominable crime against humanity. It took many years, but eventually things changed, (albeit not fast enough or far enough (yet)). I hope, pray, and know that a similar magnitude of truth and a sense of justice is emerging right now in the wars for maintaining blue skies, healthy bodies, and a vibrant planet earth. Years down the line, we’ll look back at “chemtrails” (as we do for Agent Orange), and be grateful that it’s not only behind us, but that we’ve moved beyond it.

    Nothing changes the facts that our skies are being continually poisoned by our military and governments under the guise for geoengineering experiments. And nothing changes the fact that most Americans are clueless about what is happening. It’s folks like you and Scott that continue to push the envelope, so that one-by-one, people wake up from their slumber.

    Thank you so much!


  2. Hello there, I was wondering if you may be able to tell me what type of cloud the last cloud image on the http://weatherwars.info/holes-part-2/ page is? I have seen this coud many times and I am unsure of what its name is?! I am familiar with many cloud types and it would be awesome if you could help me out with naming this one? it would be a great help! 🙂
    – And how might I follow your blog? It would be really great to follow because I like weather and cloud stuff also! (I am 15years old) I work with wordpress too but for some reason nothings coming up at the top of the page??

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