2012-1212 A Day In The Car — Short version

December 12, 2012

I spent the entire day on the road, but with an amazing display of trails, iridescent clouds, resonant geometry manifesting in the clouds it was a “target rich” day for my camera.  (A Sony HX200V for the many who ask daily what camera are you using? )  I don’t get a chance to do much explaining of the clouds as it was simply a point, shoot and record video and stills of the days activity in the sky.

At 0:15 I spot a smallish thin cloud that a chemtrail flight just happened to leave a small “tic” of a trail exactly through (one have above the cloud the other nearer half below).  Why the keen interest in this little cloud?

At 0:33, a disc shape of a cloud not all of which is visible, has been split nearly in half as both portions display a uniform wave pattern on their upper halves while the lower half rains fairly solid in uniform.  Then a long solitary chemtrail just above the eastern horizon is a foretelling of things to come.

As we get closer to the Front Range the disc like lenticular clouds get more numerous and the planes and trails more common, at 1:15,  one trail perfectly kisses the top of a lenticular at 2:03.

Some wedge like shapes cut out of the clouds at 2:00 and 2:14…   Driving into Canon City Colorado.

At 2:35, three trails one fresh one on top with two other broken trails sits atop a sharply defined lenticular cloud.  The top trail precisely splits the two lower trails.

At 3:12 I spot an X, a cross in the clouds, and PLEASE notice the four different wave patterns that exist in each quadrant of the “X” with the upper left on being clear.  The trail responsible for the horizontal mark continues in a segment to the west, seen at 3:28… Also note that the western half of the trail is weeping out with the greatest visible ‘drops’ at the center point.

At 3:40, a trail above the cloud deck runs out the precise most western extent of the cloud.  The texture of the clouds is quite different on either side of the trail.

At 4:04, I get the opportunity to point out the marking out geometry and behavior the trails overhead at that time.  It is quite a display!

At 6:06, a very cool “X” laid across an older trail the veers off to the North.  Amazing accuracy is being displayed here.

At 6:38, a Southwest 737 is laying down a blue/white trail with some ‘glowing” iridescent “clouds” to the south/left of the trail and some very different alto-cumulus to the right of the trail. This boundary seems to have been the purpose of the trail.

At 7:54, An older marking chemtrail is “re-aligned” with a white/blue chemtrail at the boundary, again, of a glowing iridescent “cloud”.  The same behavior, the re-alignment the resetting of the zero line, is seen with the smaller trail running against a older deformed trail above it.

Finally, at 9:12 a pair of trails glow orange and pink against the darkening of the eastern sky while higher in the sky they glow while still being illuminated by the last ray of the setting sun.

This shoot would have been impossible without the amazing three axis image stabilization of this Sony camera.  I you’re serious about shooting great footage hand-held, this the the camera to get!

“Nothing changes until the people see.”  -Scott Stevens

2 thoughts on “2012-1212 A Day In The Car — Short version

    • Greg,

      I can only look at so much data, I spend too much time now as it is aghast at what I see every day on satellite imagery and in person in my skies. I could use two people full time to do all the little work and projects that I’d like to have done. I’d like to set up a twitter network to follow these planes (especially the marking trails) ones. I want to know who does the ground support work. Anyway, I almost never look at the South Pacific, and only when someone sends me a heads up or save screen shot of the anomaly.

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