2013-0117 Cold, Cold Weather Everywhere

January 17, 2013

A quick look at the weather conditions across the United States, where the chemtrails have been seen by satellite imagery today and just how long this cold arctic outbreak might last!

5 thoughts on “2013-0117 Cold, Cold Weather Everywhere

  1. Huh? Ships at sea spewing Chemtrails? I believe you but this is the first I’ve heard of that. I will certainly do research to learn more but maybe you have some shortcuts for me to follow.

    Thanks for the weather update. We are frigid here in NW Vermont.

  2. Hola Scott, me llamo Enrique, soy una persona ciudadano de España, te sigo desde hace mucho tiempo, me interesa todo el trabajo que estás haciendo, sobre los chemtrails, HAARP y la Geoingeniería, yo llevo años estudiando éste tema, y muchos otros, 9/11, (3/11 spain), (7/7 londres), operaciones de banderas falsas, guerras, crísis, cambio climático manipulado, etc, quiero que sepas que tu trabajo no solo está en tus fronteras, las traspasa, llega también a mi país, aunque aquí la gente está muy emborregada, idiotizada con las tv, su basura y los deportes, yo intento trasmitir todo lo que voy descubriendo, y aunque me tratan de “loco”, sigo empeñado en despertar al público español, pero lo veo muy dificil, casi imposible, el 95% creo que no saben nada o no quieren saber nada, es una pena porque yo lo veo todo muy real, tu trabajo y el de muchas otras personas que hacen estúdios sobre chemtrails y haarp, lo dicho sigue así que tu trabajo no es en vano, está dejando huella, me caen las lágrimas porque no puedo hacer mucho, aunque lo intento con todas mis fuerzas, la población de mi país está hipnotizada, no se despiertan, muchas grácias Scott, eres un buen hombre, thank you, desde Spain, un abrazo amigo, sigue así… te quiero por ser un buen humano…

  3. Hi Scott,

    I wanted to ask you about something. Or rather, get your opinion. Do you think there is any connection to chemtrails and cellphone/computer problems in a home? This is a pretty far out speculation, and I’m not knowledgeable enough on the subject to articulate myself exactly, but I’ll try my best to explain what it is that made me come to this conclusion. About 3 days ago I noticed a large amount of chemtrails in my city (OKC), I texted my b/f with pictures and also called him while driving home to tell him to look outside. They were SO clear. My phone worked fine. I get home, go to make phone call, and my phone does does let me make outgoing calls (or receive them). Same goes for my b/f. I went to get on his computer to contact at&t via livechat help. As I am typing to the tech at at&t, my keyboard just stops working.. it slows down and then just doesn’t let me finish my words. I get frustrated (thinking it was my b/f’s computer having issues) and grab my macbook pro. I find my way back to the livechat and am talking and discussing my issue, and all of a sudden my keyboard slows down to where it’s difficult and down right almost impossible to type! I’m really confused at this point. The tech on livechat was able to inform me that it doesn’t look like any service is down in my area (my house precisely) and could not figure out the problem. He eventually had to send in a ticket to the engineers. Wifi worked, texting worked, but our phones would not let us make or receive calls. Our computers slowed down tremendously. No one in our neighborhood had issues. We have friends and family that live near our house that did not experience any problems with their electronics. This was literally only at our house. My b/f tested it by driving up the road and his phone worked fine. It is now back to normal (no chemtrails either) and functioning okay. Do you think there is any connection whatsoever to these issues? I read on the web that chemtrails can sometimes effect microwave towers or something like that, but that shouldn’t have any effect on our cell phone connection or internet. Just wanted some insight on this matter from a professionals opinion. I’m not an extreme conspiracy theorist, but I do see some correlation here. Maybe I’m way off. Opinions?!?!

    And again… we appreciate all you do Scott!


  4. Hello Sir.
    My name is Ryan. A fourth generation Maine Lobsterman. I’ll be 40 yrs old on the 10th of March. On jan 20 of this year my life changed forever. I had been doing some research for a month or so on haarp, chemtrails, bilderberg ext.. The evening of the 20th i witnessed and recorded what i think was haarp being blasted down on the midcoast. The sky was on fire with the craziest and scariest clouds i’ve ever seen. But i knew what was happening, and saw the transpormation of the weather turn immediate. That was the beggining of the artic freeze. I was recording on the deck when the temp dropped 30 degrees in 2 seconds. And you could see the two highways formed too suck that cold air directly from the artic. Long story short, This has changed me forever. I have been documenting everything. The trails, the planes, the orbs, doplar radar of all the weather systems that are now stopping and rotating directly over my home town. Blizzard nemo stayed in the exact spot for like 16 hours.. I know what is going on, the very big picture. I need some guidence and some help. i find you to be honest and real as i can find in this journey of mine. I have been everyday, and many sleepless nights with the same passion and determination as you. I’m having a hard time getting my people to come out of there coma.. i realize its in small waves. Is there anyway that i could speak with you ? via the phone or e-mail. It may not be the best spot to ask on a comment section, but its a good start. I need to be a part of this. Thank you for your time. Ryan

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