2013-0323 Snow and HUGE Texas Waves

March 23, 2013

Some light snow locally (should have been a lot more than what fell) as as I look at the morning satellite imagery I see some massive gravity waves pulsing across Southern Oklahoma and the Western Red River Valley of Texas.  This is one massive operation of waves that were set up just in advance of the storm that I am under out in Colorado.

Next up is yet another big Pacific chemtrail operation well off the California coast I point a few of the trails easily visible on the 6.5 micron Water Vapor imagery.. Then as I come back several hours later the region that I had been observing blows up into a many thousand square mile region of chemtrail cloud shield.  This will be included on the video for 3/24/13.

I close with a time lapse of the snow and clouds of the day set to an excerpt of Snow Patrol’s song “Crack the Shutters”.

Enjoy,  -Scott

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