2013-0324 Storm Clouds Ripped Apart

March 24, 2013

A nice bright start to the day with just a few short duration trails followed by increasing mid level clouds that were much lower in altitude that I am used to seeing.  So low in fact that the tops of the small cumulus were busting up and into the mid-level deck of clouds.  Weird.

After some time at the local hot springs we trekked north back toward home and were able to break to the north of this odd bank of clouds and back into some late day sunshine.  magnetic field lines were clearly evident off the north end of these clouds.

As sunset approached the plane count overhead climbed, and being on the back side of this winter storm I was deep in the cold air and should have been (historically at least) able to realize some instability snow showers which have always been good for several inches of snow for the west facing mountains.. At 4:57 I spy a pair of planes flying in parallel paths with the inbound “ripped apart clouds” clouds that would have, in their intact form, been capable of delivering some moisture to these parched mountains.

I end the video with the time lapse video of the day set to to the music of Snow Patrol’s “Called out in the Dark” off the CD Fallen Empires appropriately named considering the state of the world these days.

Keep looking up!  -Scott

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