2013-0326 Don’t Panic!

March 26, 2013

A rather pleasant morning with some clouds just below the mountain tops, which run 14k feet along this part of the range.   Atop those clouds is an active, very active, chemtrail operation that will persist for the bulk of the daylight hours.

At 1:27.. “Trails keep coming,  One marks the exact beginning of a rippled formation moving into the lenticular…

At 3:00 “Sylph” like formations are highlighted with their “eyes” and a jet of clouds squirting out of said formation.

At 3:15 through about 6:30 .. A nice cross of spreading trails displaying a spreading that gets perfectly crossed by another tails.  This explanation illustrates EXACTLY why most of the chemtrail flights are flow.  Watch this!

Wilhelm Reich is mentioned at 6:31 with reference to a “peaking cumulus cloud.”

Time lapse imagery begins at 7:25 featuring the song “Don’t Panic” by Coldplay.

Enjoy and keep looking up!

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