2013-0329 A Dance in the Sky

March 29, 2013

This is really good day for shooting trails in the sky.  Really good.  Deep blue skies to set the trails off with superb contrast, especially in the early morning hours and an abundance of flight to observe and to watch the many interactions that occur between the trails.

One thought on “2013-0329 A Dance in the Sky

  1. Scott: in the 5 1/2 years I lived in Taos – I returned to Virginia in August of 2011, just ahead of the hurricane – I heard, on numerous occasions, a loud jet that could not be located, even in a cloudless blue sky. No contrails, no chemtrails, and I could not locate the plane with binoculars, either. No flash of sunlight of a wing or fuselage, NADA.

    I wonder if you have experienced this in the northern SLV. On another note, I never heard the fabled Hum until the summer of 2011, one late night. Exactly as commonly described, and I wonder why I never heard it before. I was in the habit of stepping onto my front stoop late at night, when it wasn’t too absolutely frigid to stand.

    You mentioned you need a higher viewpoint. Have you tried the dunes?

    More some other time, except I saw and photographed, many times, SWA planes laying trails, both in Virgina and later in Taos. I must say that the activity I saw in north central VA, from about 1999-2006 – when I moved to Taos – was MUCH intenser than anything I ever saw in Taos, 2006-11. One spring day in Culpeper, while I was working (at a former Federal Reserve facility then (and now) used as a film storage site for the Library of Congress, I experience a fall of sticky, weblike “flakes”, EN MASSE. It was a heavy chemtrail day, and I watched it fall through binoculars. This is the stuff the explainers try to convince us is from “airborne spiders” (sic)….

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