2013-0521 The Oklahoma Tornado (The First One!)

May 21, 2013

Satellite imagery of this tornado, the chemtrails highlighted  and seen all over the larger storm responsible for this disaster…

3 thoughts on “2013-0521 The Oklahoma Tornado (The First One!)

  1. Scott,
    I knew these last two tornadoes were inevitable after witnessing 4 straight days of the heaviest spraying I have ever seen in the past 8 years. They sprayed continuously here along the Wasatch Front Friday through Monday night through the Memorial Day weekend. You could see at least 4 trails stacked on top of each scattered all over the valley from Ogden to Salt Lake. Also heavy spraying right before the Moore tornado. It’s so disheartening and mind boggling what is going on here right before our eyes, I kept checking your website to see if you were witnessing this as well. It’s been a blessing to just have a few non spray days in the month to enjoy the bright blue skies. Hiking days are limited here. Hope you are doing well.

  2. So glad to have found your site, I’m in SE Iowa and have really been freaked out by the weather the last few years.This past year I’ve become blatantly aware of the WEATHER WARS…being an organic gardener, this year has been particularly difficult, first the drought of last year, then the cold and rain and NO SUN this year…my garden again suffers from lack of seed germination, to spindly crops due to no sun. I will have to purchase product for canning for the first time EVER!!!

    For me, my job is to wake people up to what ‘the powers that be’ are doing to us worldwide. A group called Chemtrails Global Skywatch on Facebook, has brought many together spreading the word globally. I’m so glad to know that it’s not just me wearing the tinfoil hat, lol. A persistent cough from what I believe is from all of the aluminum dumped, is plaguing me relentlessly…keep up the good work, we are all brothers and sisters in this fight for humanity and freedom.

    Take care and have hope,

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