2013 0619-20 Colorado Fires

June 19/20, 2013

Since I am living in Southern Colorado where the drought and the warm winters just keep repeating themselves, it shouldn’t then come as a surprise that this summer is likely to be a very dry, hot and potentially dangerous one for those living near and in the mountains of the Western United States.

The rain and snows have, for years, been intentionally suppressed across the West  profoundly altering the weather and hence the climate of the West.  Four decades of warm winters, about 1980 through the Present, have allowed the Mountain Pine Beetle to flourish and thereby decimating our precious National Forests.

The dying tree stands in Colorado's San Juan Mountains.  8/8/2012

The dying tree stands in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. 8/8/2012

Stands of dead and dying pine trees impacted by more than 30 years of warm dry winters.

Stands of dead and dying pine trees impacted by more than 30 years of warm dry winters.  8/8/2012

How will this massive Geo-engineering program be exposed to the world?  How much longer must this planet have to be exposed to this criminal action?  What will this planet’s weather react when the manipulation ends?  Who will end it, and when?

3 thoughts on “2013 0619-20 Colorado Fires

  1. Theme music: “Dying of the Pines” by The Gourds…

    The thing I miss least about the SLV: the smoky weeks and the horrid orange twilights.

    There are too many things I miss to list here. I miss the SLV, though some argue Taos isn’t a part of if, nor New Mexico at all… a simple glance at a satellite picture or one from the SSI will prove them wrong.

    Keep watching and reporting. I have been missing the updates. Happy to see them back. Part of my daily (nearly so) geophysical briefing is WEATHER WARS and SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS.

  2. Is it possible that hydrogen released into the atmosphere in large quantitys could create major changes in weather patterns.? I ask this because some years ago Lawrence Livermore Labs were experimenting with hydrogen at China Lake. Created a problem with one of the scientists who became very upset about what they were doing.

  3. This is incredable information.I knew some but not the extent of the manipulation we face. My question is why not put out those fires that kill so many and destroy so many homes?

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