2013-0708 Summertime Chemtrail Operations Continue

July 8, 2013

North America is, again, on the verge of developing a highly anomalous jet stream pattern that is far more indicative of a winter time pattern than that of a relaxed jet stream confined to the northern reaches of the US and predominantly  resides in Canada.  Not so this year where winter time patterns remain present and are responsible for some very odd summertime weather.  Odd as in freaky stalled out extreme patterns resulting in flooding east of the Mississippi and drought accompanied by extreme heat in the West.

It is a summer of extremes.

A massive operation more than 1,000 miles of the Oregon Coast and more trails evident, in particular, east of Tropical Storm Chantal.

2 thoughts on “2013-0708 Summertime Chemtrail Operations Continue

  1. Dear Scott, We have corresponded before and my email was relative to the sky being populated by living creatures of another order of life, like say reptiles, fish, mammals etc. It has been since 2005 March that I became involved with making orgone energy generators and have made sky observations and photographs of many unusual things. Of note is “behaviors” exhibited by Cirrus clouds such as moving independently of other surrounding cumulus clouds and observable winds at the inhabited altitudes. Some of what you have been documenting I have as well, such as Chemtrails being “eaten” by cirrus clouds. I have hundreds of stills showing cirrus clouds being “attacked” by chemtrailers, these planes are frequently not planes at all but appear to be gravity drive devises of several classes. Often tubecraft without either wing nor engine apparent. I am thinking our weather manipulators are actually engaged in a war to kill the living sky creatures which are largely invisible, thus, when we see a natural cirrus cloud, invariably attacked by chemtrails, we are seeing a spleen or liver, you get what I mean, like organs of a creature that is mostly clear to visible light. Cirrus clouds are very unique and I feel them to be intelligent. I have some of my work posted with Ken Adaci on his site Educate_yourself.org … There are articles related to Sylphs (cirrus clouds) and chemtrails. Thank you again for your brave work. The powers that be do have an agenda. Kindly George E. Conant

  2. I think that they have made the cem trail disapear quicker! Now that they know we are on to them , I have been watching the skies and I believe this is true!

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