2013-0731 Earth: The Ultimate Weapon

July 31, 2013


Last April I flew out to Burbank to participate in this next episode of Joe Rogan’s Question Everything that will air tonight.  Tune into the SyFy channel this evening for an hour long look into the still secret world of Geo-engineering.  The show airs Wednesday 7/31/2013 10/9pm CDT…   Tell your family and friends!

July 31, 2013 - 9:18am Crestone ColoradoThis is what I woke up to this morning as the crystal clear blue skies of the past two days and nights are being obliterated by all these trails.

This just has to end, unless it is justified as being pertinent to our survival as a species.  Maybe another whistle blower will come forward to clarify their reasoning for this war over our heads.  -Scott

One thought on “2013-0731 Earth: The Ultimate Weapon

  1. Joe Rogan has been training in the grappling martial arts for a number of years. He currently holds the rank of Black Belt in the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system. Students of 10th Planet are called “Nibiru”. I’m pretty sure that’s why he noticed Nibiru on your desktop and knew it would make for an interesting topic to discuss on camera. Check out 10thplanetjj.com. It’s unfortunate the outcome of the episode is not what you hoped it would be. Please continue the great work!

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