2013 1009 Chemtrails as the Weather Draftsmen

10 October 2013

A couple of big weather days out West as the seasons begin to change the weather makers, the planes, are out there drafting the bones, the skeleton, the wire-frame resonance structure that guides and then entrain the atmosphere into these desired shapes and wave forms.

There are four time lapse segments and several clear examples of why these planes cannot be commercial flights based to flight direction changes after intercepting specific phenomena in previously laid out trails.  Examples at: 0:37, 0:55, 1:32, 2:51, 6:31, and 6:52.

Time lapse segments at: 0:01, 1:30, and 8:35.



A gap in the trail, where on the left, the trail is defined by the rippling it reveals which is in sharp contrast the the gentle pinched end of the right side of the mark. What is happening in the gap? That is my question and is the reason for this segment of this chemtrail. Crestone, CO — 9 October 2013 – 13:28

Around midday as the trails continued to spread out ahead of the next inbound intense late fall winter-ish storm.


A smaller chemtrail flown through this cross-hatch pattern, in the video you will see the tail move down and across the resonance patter without intermixing with the clouds. Very odd behavior for sure.

DSC02047Just some of the activity this day.

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