Ten Years Ago…

006_visWESTJune7_04_0108aa copyJune 6, 2014

It was ten years ago on this date, June 7, 2014 at 0108UT, that I had my “Weather Wars is an ongoing GLOBAL operation Ah-Ha moment”.

After three years of intensive investigation into the “chemtrail” phenomena, I saw and then realized, that the chemtrails are just one aspect yet one with many purposes, of a massive global Geo-engineering operation.

At the time I was enthralled at the odd and misshapen clouds and was just trying to figure out the cause of these man-handled clouds and more importantly, HOW do all these out of place trails play into this game.

It would still be another ten months, not until April of 2005, before I was able to fit the existence and behavior of the trails into the grand scheme of things.  With that additional piece of information the whole global Geo-engineering program made near perfect sense to me.

It wasn’t but four months after this “ah-ha” moment that I was compelled to come-out and as an on-air television weatherman. I had had a truth revealed to me and I had to share this discovery, this truth, with those who would listen.  So I started by launching weatherwars.info.  This was October 2004 just after Florida had had one of their worst hurricane seasons in memory.  Watching those hurricanes, one after the other was painful to me, because I knew it didn’t have to be this way.  This series of Federal Disasters was just further fuel to my fire that this kind of weather disaster shouldn’t happen again.

In launching this site and going public, I put a big target on my head. Despite having my General Manager’s (KPVI) permission to continue with my weather wars work, he just admonished to keep it on my own time.
I was able to do that, but as my notoriety grew the competition up the street, KIFI-TV, (curiously enough the very first station I worked for back in 1983-4 before I went off to college) began to badmouth me to our advertisers.  This was enough cause to get me released from my contract with KPVI.  This was September of 2005.

In the intervening decade, awareness of chemtrails, Geo-engineering and its pervasiveness continues to leak into the public consciousness at a quickening pace.  Back then, I was sure that in five years, easy, that in just five years this topic would have become mainstream;… Yet it is becoming more so now, some ten years later.

So what I am asking for, is assistance. If I am going to spend the large amount of time that is necessary to keep up this site CURRENT for another decade, to do another 1200 interviews, the constant need for cameras, computers, editing equipment, shooting, editing and posting daily videos, plus traveling expenses, I need help.

I’d like to set up acoustic listen stations, in remote quiet spots so that the plane count can be recorded, daily.  Then we’d be able to match-up plane counts with the arrival of storms and finally put these naysayers back in their place.

I’d like to set-up a nationwide Twitter reporting and tracking site.  We need to optically Identify these planes against the FlightAware/FlightRadar24 transponder information.  By manually identifying these planes (15X70 binoculars) and then handing that observation off to the station/person next to you in the direction of the planes flight, we can follow them back to base.  This has not been done yet.

In short order I will set up an account with Go Fund Me so I can get back in the saddle again!  I have so much to share, I just need to know that I am not in this alone.

Keep Looking up!

-Scott Stevens

Crestone, Colorado


2 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago…

  1. Hurry! Generations to come are in jeopardy!
    Coasttocoastam has millions of listeners!
    That foreigner should be vetted prior to believing him, his accent was goofy.
    Opening a twitter account is easy.
    Ten years and counting? Hurry!
    The power of social media will win the Weatherwar!
    Ask M. Gandi.
    You do have help, however we need a way to contribute.
    You are not alone, but you are a leader.
    Hundreds of thousands of people look up at these trails and know they are a real danger to life.

  2. Scott, I’m a late arrival returning to the progress of this (at the time, still in its infancy) sky scarring operation, as I have been fighting several other nightmarish fronts, but never the less I am absolutely 100% available and loyal as a battle hardened soldier for freedom. I must help you in any way possible. I’m enammered by your brilliant work and absolute selfless contribution, if you recieve this reply I beg you to contact me immediately for further instruction on how I can become attached and of any value to your ingenious formula of exposure, I believe I have the capacity to be involved and I probably have much to offer as I am as disconnected as I can possibly and morally be from this userpers system of lies, fear, dependency and evil. I am at your disposal and would be honored to help. I live hard and in a manner unlike most, I am wide aware and absolutely willing to give my life for these truths that I can’t choose to un-know and deny, they own me completely and drive my mind. I move forward every moment of every day. I’m Seph Xaeon, please contact me at williamkowen@gmail.com

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