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NASA 1 July 2015 - WaveformsI often talk about the “management of waves” in the atmosphere, these waves are, in many ways, responsible for upwards of 80% of the creation or formation of micro scale weather events… Events that matter to us on the ground. Mostly, it has to do with whether it rains or not, whether it is sunny or not, whether it is windy or not… You get the idea.
In this single image one can begin to get a grasp of the swarm of differing waveform patterns that must ALL be measured, controlled and eventually canceled out. This is why, ahead of developing storms, and underneath zones of clear skies under high pressure regions, there are so many chemtrails present. Each trail is laced with a specific chemical signature and nano-particles so that it, specifically, can be traced (for a set amount of time) as it flows through the atmosphere.
You can see the water vapor haze laced with condensation nuclei from the trails seen most clearly in the lower portion of the image … This metallic soup allows the EM technology onboard these planes the ability to pulse the atmosphere creating these waves. Much like turning on-and-off a magnet and watching the iron filings dance in response to this energy. Dope up the atmosphere with these metals, and it’ll dance/resonate/respond/undulate to your tune.
Your evening weatherman is more interested in talking to 6th graders about chasing tornadoes, flood safety and the problems caused by global warming, aka Climate Change rather than doing any kind of authentic atmospheric research. God forbid a single one of them being bold enough to step outside of the box that ensures a paycheck every other Friday and figuring this thing out for themselves.

-Scott Stevens —  2 July 2015

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