In this single Image…

NASA 1 July 2015 - WaveformsI often talk about the “management of waves” in the atmosphere, these waves are, in many ways, responsible for upwards of 80% of the creation or formation of micro scale weather events… Events that matter to us on the ground. Mostly, it has to do with whether it rains or not, whether it is sunny or not, whether it is windy or not… You get the idea.
In this single image one can begin to get a grasp of the swarm of differing waveform patterns that must ALL be measured, controlled and eventually canceled out. This is why, ahead of developing storms, and underneath zones of clear skies under high pressure regions, there are so many chemtrails present. Each trail is laced with a specific chemical signature and nano-particles so that it, specifically, can be traced (for a set amount of time) as it flows through the atmosphere.
You can see the water vapor haze laced with condensation nuclei from the trails seen most clearly in the lower portion of the image … This metallic soup allows the EM technology onboard these planes the ability to pulse the atmosphere creating these waves. Much like turning on-and-off a magnet and watching the iron filings dance in response to this energy. Dope up the atmosphere with these metals, and it’ll dance/resonate/respond/undulate to your tune.
Your evening weatherman is more interested in talking to 6th graders about chasing tornadoes, flood safety and the problems caused by global warming, aka Climate Change rather than doing any kind of authentic atmospheric research. God forbid a single one of them being bold enough to step outside of the box that ensures a paycheck every other Friday and figuring this thing out for themselves.

-Scott Stevens —  2 July 2015

New cloud comes a step closer — From the UK Met Office

From the UK Met Office:


Newly discovered cloud Asperitas (Latin for roughness) has taken another step towards being officially recognized and named in the International Cloud Atlas.


The cloud has been named Asperitas because it looks like rough or turbulent seas and has been put forward for inclusion in the Atlas by the UK Cloud Appreciation Society.

Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society said “It’s really exciting to see Asperitas that bit closer to becoming official. It’s great that the general public and amateur observations have influenced the atlas, it feels very democratic. The internet has resulted in increased connectivity, these days everyone has a camera at their fingertips, and this has resulted overwhelming evidence for this new type of cloud”.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is currently updating the International Cloud Atlas, first published in 1896, and has now presented details of the new cloud to the World Meteorological Congress.

The WMO are making the Atlas more user-friendly and accessible and expect to publish the new edition next year. It is also expected to include the new cloud species Volutus (Latin for rolled), as well as some new “special clouds” like Homogenitus (from the Latin homo meaning man, and genitus meaning generated or made).

Met Office Meteorologist and Royal Meteorological Society George Anderson is heavily involved in updating the Atlas and said “Science, technology and photography have moved on in the past 40 years, so there is a need to update the Cloud Atlas”.

Met Office Scientist, Graeme Anderson, completed a dissertation on Asperitas, for his Masters degree at the University of Reading. He said “The challenge with this particular cloud formation is its rarity. It is very difficult to get good measurement data from this type of cloud if you don’t know when or where it will appear, or how long it will last. It became clear to me that these cloud formations did not fit into the existing classifications. It’s good to see this update taking place to make the International Cloud Atlas fully comprehensive.”

A scanned version of both volumes of the Atlas is available on the WMO website.  You can use the Met Office cloud spotting guide to help you identify different types of clouds, this can be a fun activity to try with children.

I found this article only because of a Facebook posting a few days back, and I thought to myself: “I’ve seen this kind of cloud before and Yes, it is a new cloud!” But why are there suddenly several new clouds forms gaining new cloud “status” by being scientifically named and officially classified there by included in the “Official Cloud Atlas”?  Well, Geo-engineering is now wholly in the game and the meteorological establishment is almost entirely clueless that this aggressive global operation is underway.  For most of these scientists, TV presenters, university professors, commodities forecasters, NWS employees and the vast majority of climate researchers, this global game with our planet’s weather systems has been underway their ENTIRE career. They simply don’t know anything different. 1976 being the Zero Year, 39 years ago. I happen to be 10 years old at the time and was still contemplating why it didn’t start getting warmer right after the day that the Sun was the lowest in the sky (Winter Solstice) giving us our “shortest day?” Boy, did I have a lot to understand!

So I dug back through my time lapse video archive and found one, really it was just the first one I found, I’m sure there are others, but the searching is a bit tedious. Then I shared the YouTube file with the blog at the UK Met Office. I was sure that they would recognize the cloud type as that of the newly coined “Asperitas” and give me a pat on the back. (Well kinda..) But, I suppose I did kind of harshly call them out for NOT recognizing that it wasn’t manipulated cloud form.   The reply was short and politely curt directing me to their “her are the cloud types” so you dork, figure it out from there kind of vibe.

Here is a screen capture of the discussion.. It appears I am in good company!

New cloud comes a step closer | Met Office News Blog 2015-06-21 22-22-08

I knew the time lapse this cloud over the mountains just to the east of me were odd, that’s why I was time lapsing them!  After thirteen years of looking at the sky with this particular point of view, my discernment of what is and is not ‘weird” has matured.

So, today, I put on my detective hat to dig up archive data to PROVE that my time lapse is NOT of simple lenticular clouds.  Here is the classic definition of lenticular from Wikipedia (not the best source for off the beaten path information): Where stable moist air flows over a mountain or a range of mountains, a series of large-scale standing waves may form on the downwind side. If the temperature at the crest of the wave drops to the dew point, moisture in the air may condense to form lenticular clouds. As the moist air moves back down into the trough of the wave, the cloud may evaporate back into vapor. Under certain conditions, long strings of lenticular clouds can form near the crest of each successive wave, creating a formation known as a “wave cloud.” 

lenticular clouds - Google Search 2015-06-21 22-33-37

So what kind of cloud is this? I queried them hoping to have found an example of “aspirates” shot last summer in Alamosa Colorado that was NOT part of a “lenticular formation but over the open San Luis Valley terrain. Screen shot below, click on the image to watch the short clip…

MAH04406.MP4 2015-06-22 12-12-37

And.. This is the archive upper air data for the lenticular video I sent earlier, as you can see, Southern Colorado was not under nor near the core of any jet stream at the time… I wrote the UK Met Office. In the scorned frame you can see my location with the arrowed spot nearly center image.  Well beneath the hot summertime ridge of high pressure and not in an air stream capable of creating a lenticular cloud formation at mountain top.

Unisys Archive 2011-07-26 00Z ‎ 2015-06-21 21-48-26

With radiosonde winds at DENVER 12Z 26 July 2011– at 15kts at 500mb at only 5kts at mountain top height, 4300m. — — Area of interest circled denoting light to chaotic winds wholly insufficient to create a lenticular. AND a very dry atmosphere illustrated by the wide separation between the red temperature line and the blue dew point like on the skew-T chart above. So my advice to the guy in Met Office the world over: Sometimes what you believe you are seeing in the skies is not what you are looking at.

So my final communication with the Met Office was:

Someday soon you’ll realize that thermodynamics is but a reflection of the happenings the the realm of “Dark Energy” or as Wilhelm Reich coined, the Orgone Field. It is this field that the Geo-engineers are playing with and must be understood to grasp what is happening with all the “chemtrails” your millions of citizens see daily above your area of forecast responsibility. It’s time to get up to speed.

-Scott Stevens

22 June 2015

2014-0811 Blocky Weather Patterns

Doing a quick news bit on Coast to Coast AM this evening…  Maybe just two minutes on this news story, which is a weather story concerning the blocking jet stream pattern that has been so prevalent this past summer.  NOW another blocking pattern is set to establish itself over the CONUS during the next five to seven days.

The following excerpt is from the WPC (Weather Prediction Center) and their extended forecast discussion for the coming week to ten days.


1156 AM EDT MON AUG 11 2014

VALID 12Z THU AUG 14 2014 – 12Z MON AUG 18 2014


Polar Vortex – 2, Summer Style

July 10, 2014

With the renewed chatter of the “Polar Vortex” summer style 2014, I thought that it might be a good idea to look back at last summer, and the flow pattern that was in place at the beginning of July 2013.

The 120 hour forecast, one of the images that I had archived, during the beginning of last Summer’s monsoon, is shown below.  This pattern, with the monster ridge of high pressure over the Mountain West and a complementary trough in the middle of the nation, is not that dissimilar to the set-up due this coming week, 13-17 July 2014.  What is really different is the DEPTH of the trough of low pressure.  As the center value, lowest number, is in the 573 range, where this year, 2014, the value is in the mid 550s.  Substantially lower, in fact about 2.5 Stand deviations below normal.

For comparison sake, the last image is from early January 2014 showing the very same jet stream pattern, but with far far colder values.  The lowest value, over Lower Michigan in in the lower 490s.

What does that value mean?  490 mean 4900 meters at the 500Mb level, the half-way up, pressure wise through the atmosphere.  The colder it is the more dense and compressed the gasses of the atmosphere become.  During the the summer months the typical value should be in mid 580s, equating to high temperatures in the 80s and lower 90s.

Our summer weather in North America peaked in heat during the summers of 2011 and 2012, last year was markedly cooler and this summer will be cooler yet.

500 mb Forecast for 00z 3 July 2013

500milibar forecast for 00z 3 July 2013

The 120 Hour forecast for the morning of Tuesday 7/15/2014

The 120 Hour forecast for the morning of Tuesday 7/15/2014

A look at the Polar Vortex from this past January 7th 2014.

A look at the Polar Vortex from this past January 7th 2014.

Ten Years Ago…

006_visWESTJune7_04_0108aa copyJune 6, 2014

It was ten years ago on this date, June 7, 2014 at 0108UT, that I had my “Weather Wars is an ongoing GLOBAL operation Ah-Ha moment”.

After three years of intensive investigation into the “chemtrail” phenomena, I saw and then realized, that the chemtrails are just one aspect yet one with many purposes, of a massive global Geo-engineering operation.

At the time I was enthralled at the odd and misshapen clouds and was just trying to figure out the cause of these man-handled clouds and more importantly, HOW do all these out of place trails play into this game.

It would still be another ten months, not until April of 2005, before I was able to fit the existence and behavior of the trails into the grand scheme of things.  With that additional piece of information the whole global Geo-engineering program made near perfect sense to me.

It wasn’t but four months after this “ah-ha” moment that I was compelled to come-out and as an on-air television weatherman. I had had a truth revealed to me and I had to share this discovery, this truth, with those who would listen.  So I started by launching  This was October 2004 just after Florida had had one of their worst hurricane seasons in memory.  Watching those hurricanes, one after the other was painful to me, because I knew it didn’t have to be this way.  This series of Federal Disasters was just further fuel to my fire that this kind of weather disaster shouldn’t happen again.

In launching this site and going public, I put a big target on my head. Despite having my General Manager’s (KPVI) permission to continue with my weather wars work, he just admonished to keep it on my own time.
I was able to do that, but as my notoriety grew the competition up the street, KIFI-TV, (curiously enough the very first station I worked for back in 1983-4 before I went off to college) began to badmouth me to our advertisers.  This was enough cause to get me released from my contract with KPVI.  This was September of 2005.

In the intervening decade, awareness of chemtrails, Geo-engineering and its pervasiveness continues to leak into the public consciousness at a quickening pace.  Back then, I was sure that in five years, easy, that in just five years this topic would have become mainstream;… Yet it is becoming more so now, some ten years later.

So what I am asking for, is assistance. If I am going to spend the large amount of time that is necessary to keep up this site CURRENT for another decade, to do another 1200 interviews, the constant need for cameras, computers, editing equipment, shooting, editing and posting daily videos, plus traveling expenses, I need help.

I’d like to set up acoustic listen stations, in remote quiet spots so that the plane count can be recorded, daily.  Then we’d be able to match-up plane counts with the arrival of storms and finally put these naysayers back in their place.

I’d like to set-up a nationwide Twitter reporting and tracking site.  We need to optically Identify these planes against the FlightAware/FlightRadar24 transponder information.  By manually identifying these planes (15X70 binoculars) and then handing that observation off to the station/person next to you in the direction of the planes flight, we can follow them back to base.  This has not been done yet.

In short order I will set up an account with Go Fund Me so I can get back in the saddle again!  I have so much to share, I just need to know that I am not in this alone.

Keep Looking up!

-Scott Stevens

Crestone, Colorado


2013 1210 The Colbert Report and Chemtrials

December 10, 2013

“A Case For Climate Engineering” author David Keith explains his proposal to use geoengineering as a means of slowing climate change.  (06:25)

Steven Colbert uses the last 65 seconds to put this Geo-engineering advocate in his place by asking “What is the government is already doing it?”  Have a listen, through humor maybe this topic will finally get more and more favorable exposure.



2013-1209 A New Global All-Time Record Cold Temperature

December 9, 2013

Dec 9 (Reuters) – The Arctic air blasting the eastern United States is positively balmy compared to the record minus 136 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 93 degrees Celsius) temperature measured in Antarctica in August 2010, according to research released on Monday.

Scientists made the discovery while analyzing 32 years of global surface temperatures recorded by satellites.

They found that a high ridge in the East Antarctic Plateau contains pockets of trapped air that dipped as low as minus 136 Fahrenheit on Aug. 10, 2010, researchers said at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.

The previous record low was minus 128.6 F (minus 89.2 C), set in 1983 at the Russian Vostok Research Station in East Antarctica, said Ted Scambos, lead scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado.

“We had a suspicion this Antarctic ridge was likely to be extremely cold, and colder than Vostok because it’s higher up the hill,” Scambos said in a statement.

The temperatures are about 50 degrees F colder than anything recorded in Alaska or Siberia.

2013-1125 Winter Begins, Nationwide

Monday 25 November 2013

“The Weather Channel Keep naming these winter storms, bet they have to go through the alphabet nearly twice this winter as the water and full on winter will return to the West this year while all of the country will be cold.”  -Scott

Twenty-one inches (21″) fell in just eight hours time with this event, lifting the mountain snow-packs to better than 150% of normal.

Winter Storm Boreas, already blamed for at least fourteen deaths, is a massive storm that will impact the nation from coast to coast with rain, snow, sleet, and ice during the busiest travel week of the year. It’s bringing a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain to parts of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas on Monday then will trudge east this Thanksgiving week.


2013 1107 Did Super Typhoon Haiyan Just Shatter The Global Hurricane Intensity Record?


November 7, 2013

Did Super Typhoon Haiyan Just Shatter The Global Hurricane Intensity Record?

Just another weather record falling, this one, however, is major.  -Scott

By at least one measurement, it appears that Super Typhoon Haiyan, which just slammed into the Philippine island of Samar, may be the strongest storm reliably recorded on Earth. Additional measurements and analysis will surely be necessary to confirm this, but for now, here’s what we know:

The U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center, which tracks typhoons and Super Typhoons—the most powerful storms on the planet—estimated Haiyan’s maximum 1-minute sustained winds at 170 knots, which translates into about 195 miles per hour.

According to meteorologist Jeff Masters, a number of Pacific storms prior to 1969 were measured with wind speeds equal to or above 170 knots, but these estimates are now considered unreliable. Since 1969, the three strongest storms on record by wind speed all had winds of 165 knots, or 190 miles per hour: 1979’s Super Typhoon Tip, 1969’s Atlantic Hurricane Camille, and 1980’s Atlantic Hurricane Allen. Haiyan just passed all three by this metric, though Masters notes that there is less confidence in Haiyan’s true intensity, since Tip, Camille, and Allen were all investigated by hurricane hunter aircraft. Haiyan’s intensity has only been estimated based on satellite images (you can read more about how these satellite measurements are done, and why Haiyan presented such a stunning satellite image, in this great New Republic article by Nate Cohn).