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Welcome to Blue Water Alchemy, where Ormus connects you to your Light body. Below are a few comments shared with us by those who have come online with Ormus from Blue Water Alchemy.

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Don and Scott

An Introduction to Ormus from Blue Water Alchemy.


Which Ormus is right for me?


“What is Ormus from Blue Water Alchemy?”

Ormus is created from pure Organic Sea Salts.

As Ormus is created through an ancient alchemical process, elements, in their high-spin, quantum or M-state, are manifest.

These m-state elements in Ormus are “trans-dimensional” in nature and behavior.

They subtly, yet directly, connect a person to the Quantum Field.

Cell by cell, chromosome by chromosome the Ormus plugs us back in, to ourselves. Some people can feel the connection, others cannot…  Regardless of whether or not its effects are felt consciously, it is happening.  As that connection develops an information channel is opened and healing begins as the 300-billion cells in our body that need to be ‘cloned’ today are replicated with the proper cellular template and with that, whole body healing can begin.

These Ormus m-state elements are stem cells from the Mineral Kingdom designed to ground and connect biological physiology (plant and animal) to the Earth and to Spirit establishing the conditions for balance, harmony and well being.

Ormus becomes your Trans-Dimensional Connection to Wellness.

Ormus is the Event Horizon opening the Quantum Connection to your Light Body via trillions of microtubules.

Ormus is Ancient Alchemy and yet it’s new, every time.

Use Ormus to awaken your garden with “Gaia’s Harvest,”  vastly increasing crop yield, vibrancy, hardiness and the life of your personal Eden.

Taste and experience the Ormus from Blue Water Alchemy.  Our “White Light” Ocean recipe Ormus begins at $39.95, the “19.5” Hawaiian, “the Eye” Himalayan recipes cost  $44.95 and “Shanti” is $49.95 in 8 ounce bottle size which will last most of a month. Add $7.95 for Domestic Priority shipping.  See our website for international shipping costs.

Connect and quicken your awakening with Blue Water Alchemy Ormus only available from


Customer Testimonies:


Last month I ordered White Light. I took my first spoonful Saturday morning, the 10th of July. On monday morning, the 12th of July my oldest daughter died after a year long battle with lung cancer. Even though expected, it was still heart wrenching news. I was amazed that, even though I experienced grief, I experienced also a “steadiness” within me, a knowing it was ok, she was ok.  It wasn’t just something I was telling myself to make myself feel better, it was a real, deep balance, a steadiness coming from the heart. It was different enough from my usual response that I attribulte this to the White Light I had begun to take. (If you are at all sensitive, and I am, you know when something is coming to you from a different source than your normal, everyday experience). So needless to say, I am extremely grateful.





Very very interesting.

I had a period of time (just a couple minutes) where I all of a sudden felt unreal…almost perfect bliss.  It was incredible.  Started smiling to myself…everything was beautiful and glorious and joyful and hopeful in the world…kind of like it was when I was really young…wow.  BEAUTIFUL!! 🙂

I wish it would be like that all the time.

I also experienced a fleeting brief sensation of (almost too to be true) all of my normal, “every day…all the time” battles and enemies and fears etc….actually went away. (just a glimpse…but enough for me to see that it could somehow be like that all the time also)

Is that normal, par for the course? I feel stuff happening on a subtle spiritual level still now.  But that approx. 5 minutes of almost like an otherworldy spiritual euphoric state really got me intrigued.

I hope that is eventually what it will be like all the time.

Holy shit…..WOW…

That is amazing. 🙂

Best regards,




Great, thanks.

My “herbally intune” body is adjusting very well to this Ormus vibe.

My body says…”it is just another magnificent god-given miraculous substance to enjoy and heal and enlighten, etc.” Everything feels very familiar and wonderful.

So I knocked back a spoon of 19.5 about 2 minutes after I sent the e-mail.  It was irresistable…I couldn’t wait for the reply.

Wow…this one kicked me in the butt immediately.  Almost exactly at the same time it was going down my throat…I had a powerful experience that simply said  “holy —-…brother…you better get exercising, and fast”.

I was looking in the mirror saw my body through different eyes, and it was like a electric shock… and I then knew “I will start exercising as soon as humanly possible”.

Both extremely powerful in their own way.  The white light is like the name implies…white light…bliss…all possibilities can become reality.

19.5 : holy god.  powerful insight as to what is the right action to be doing, and no turning back…it is much too true, and shocking.

Actually as I am writing I feel perfectly comfortable with all of this Ormus vibe.  I love this Ormus.

I am sure it is indeed an awesome New Age substance to bring all kinds of miracles and joy and healings into life.


I am enjoying this superbly and appreciate your great stuff!

Best regards,



I’ve tried ORMUS produced by others and clearly your product is superior in everyway… it even tastes good…WOW!!!! I took a nap after my second dose in two days and had the most intensely lucid dream state in my life. It was more real than real life, if you can imagine that…. I’ve already tossed my other ORMUS product since I’m thoroughly convinced no one is producing ORMUS akin to yours. I’ll be ordering more “19.5” ORMUS soon.

Paul C. – New York, New York.



   OMG!! Within minutes of my first taste of White Light I felt my heart chakra opening and my field extending and a great joy and love wash over me. I became aware of being joyously, fully Present! WOW.Thank you for a great product!!!!

Julia S.


ORMUS is a CONDUIT via trillions of microtubules, for your Subtle Energy Body or Light Body to ‘connect’ to your physical DNA, nervous system and also into your body at the cellular level.

This newly established connection then allows for the astral and mental Light Bodies to come in and begin to align/resonate with your physical being. It is this new high-speed connection to your higher self that assists your physical body to resonate with the Meisner field allowing to health and wholeness of being to gradually manifest.

The process is elegantly simple.

During the two weeks of washings the ORMUS is cured under the lower apex of a gold and silver Merkaba, a 7-foot Star Octahedron with a powerful zero-resistance Rodin Coil sitting at the center point. Both courtesy of G.W. Hardin. This Rodin Coil focuses the Etheric energy field into the ORMUS sitting beneath the center of this powerful sacred geometry suspended Merkaba-Star Octahedron. On a DC current, 29 sacred Solfeggio tones/frequencies, as decoded from the angelic realm by GW Hardin, are played further imprinting on the ORMUS.

Merkaba - Poly-Octahedron with Rodin Coil - Just look at all those energy Orbs!

Merkaba-Star Octahedron


This ensures that ORMUS from Blue Water Alchemy is the most highly charged ORMUS found anywhere on the Planet and at a price that all can afford.

Our Rodin Coil – Gold and Silver Wrapped

RodinCoil-FullCropColor  003

Connect and quicken your awakening with Blue Water Alchemy Ormus.


The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. We make no health claims, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any bodily ailment.


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“The Magic and Mystery of Ormus Elements”

It is becoming clear that, with this discovery,we are entering into a new and very complex area and are still very low on the learning curve. Indeed, it might be said that a new chapter in physics, chemistry and biology is being opened. The basic fact seems now beyond doubt, both from Hudson’s work and that of the independent group, that a number of precious (and some not so precious) metals, including rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum, palladium, copper and several others, can exist in a completely different state, in which they are not metallic—being grey or white powders when isolated in the solid state.


Author Gary Hardin,, discusses sacred geometry, the Merkaba, poly-octahedron the purpose of the White Hole/Black Hole phenomena, monatomics, Ormus, sacred geometry, and living from a place of “Oneness.”





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