2013-0330 Time Lapse Catch Up

March 30, 2013

I didn’t have too much to shoot today, so I’ll keep the discussion short and use some of the time lapse photography that I have not been able to use, so as to keep the video lengths under 10 minutes.

I start with a quick scan of the late afternoon skies at :01.  Some trails visible, but not to the extent of the previous few days.  At 1:47 I spot a distant SWA (Southwest Airlines) 737 leaving a trail at the edge of the cirrus shield off to my south.  Then at 1:59 begins the time lapse for the day zoomed in on the skies over the San Luis Valley focused over the distant San Juan Mountains where the daily cumulus build up begins.  By 2:38 the clouds are already developed and being HIT by some force giving us the look of virga.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virga   Also note the shearing off, to the south of left, of the clouds as they develop vertically.  At 3:21 gusty north winds are picking dust up off the dry valley floor.

On of my favorite segments is next at 3:35…  A line of showers, with very little moisture actually reaching the ground, remains nearly stationary as the SQUARE (esp at 3:51) right angles cirrus clouds above it are investigated by many chemtrail flights.

At 4:46, center left, a trail streaks to the east ahead of and MUCH faster than any clouds at the flight level the trail was flown at.  At 5:28 a blue sky opening is forced onto the clouds as they are moving southeast.. developing from the north and dissipating as a strong subsidence  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subsidence_(atmosphere) is seen at lower center frame at 5:38 creating a large virga formation.  You can see the planes captured as they are flying overhead..

Killer chemtrails begin the day (3/28/13) at 6:01.  They ALWAYS investigate these lenticular — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenticular_cloud —

At 7:15.. This is what the underside of a destroyed rain/thundershowers look like… Note all the contrary or conflicting movements within the base of these clouds.  Chaos inhibits proper development.

Musical score, “Cowboys & Angels by George Michael

Thanks for caring, and keep looking up!
-Scott Stevens

2013-0329 A Dance in the Sky

March 29, 2013

This is really good day for shooting trails in the sky.  Really good.  Deep blue skies to set the trails off with superb contrast, especially in the early morning hours and an abundance of flight to observe and to watch the many interactions that occur between the trails.

2013-0327 Big Fatties

March 27, 2013

As what has been typical this week, the days have begun with deep blue beautiful skies sporting surface visibilities easily exceeding 100 miles (160km).  The trails are largely of short duration and that is the first shot of this video.  A twin engine jet with its trails just sputtering in and out of visibility.  The airline that this plane belongs to is unidentifiable.

At :45 the first persisting chemtrail is seen over the mountains to my east.

At 1:27 a small plane leaving a fat trail is seen to the south.. Then through the camera I see the trailing edge of the wing glinting or glittering in an irregular pattern that I have never seen before.  I am unable to identify the aircraft type until I look at the video afterwards then I ID it as a P180 Avanti II.  http://www.piaggioaero.com/#/en/products/p180-avanti-ii/overview.  I first spotted this type of plane chemtrailing on August 6 2012.  the video is here:  http://youtu.be/EnqvvEP1yWo?t=1m16s  I suppose all aircraft manufactures contribute to this program (get paid to build planes for this market) so everyone makes money off of it.

Afterwards the skies continue to cloud up as more and more trails are generated and more and more lower cumulus type clouds are sheared apart creating a canopy of diffuse clouds greatly blocking out our sunshine, unnecessarily.

The late afternoon compliment of UPS and FedEx 767s and DC-10s are low and slow  leaving blueish trail today.  A close-up of that UPS plane is at 4:40. Still image here: http://jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6732439

A look at the chemtrails seen on weather satellite imagery , both visible and water vapor) begins at 6:22.  Time lapse imagery begins at 7:47 with Five for Fighting’s “World” being the title.  It becomes easy to visualize just how clouds get their tops aggressively shared off resulting in a amorphous diffuse bank of non-precipitation producing clouds. At 9:20 see the bottoms of the more distant clouds moving to the south (left) and the nearer ones moving north.  Opposing forces working to tear apart clouds.

Enjoy!  -Scott

2013-0326 Don’t Panic!

March 26, 2013

A rather pleasant morning with some clouds just below the mountain tops, which run 14k feet along this part of the range.   Atop those clouds is an active, very active, chemtrail operation that will persist for the bulk of the daylight hours.

At 1:27.. “Trails keep coming,  One marks the exact beginning of a rippled formation moving into the lenticular…

At 3:00 “Sylph” like formations are highlighted with their “eyes” and a jet of clouds squirting out of said formation.

At 3:15 through about 6:30 .. A nice cross of spreading trails displaying a spreading that gets perfectly crossed by another tails.  This explanation illustrates EXACTLY why most of the chemtrail flights are flow.  Watch this!

Wilhelm Reich is mentioned at 6:31 with reference to a “peaking cumulus cloud.”

Time lapse imagery begins at 7:25 featuring the song “Don’t Panic” by Coldplay.

Enjoy and keep looking up!

2013-0324 Storm Clouds Ripped Apart

March 24, 2013

A nice bright start to the day with just a few short duration trails followed by increasing mid level clouds that were much lower in altitude that I am used to seeing.  So low in fact that the tops of the small cumulus were busting up and into the mid-level deck of clouds.  Weird.

After some time at the local hot springs we trekked north back toward home and were able to break to the north of this odd bank of clouds and back into some late day sunshine.  magnetic field lines were clearly evident off the north end of these clouds.

As sunset approached the plane count overhead climbed, and being on the back side of this winter storm I was deep in the cold air and should have been (historically at least) able to realize some instability snow showers which have always been good for several inches of snow for the west facing mountains.. At 4:57 I spy a pair of planes flying in parallel paths with the inbound “ripped apart clouds” clouds that would have, in their intact form, been capable of delivering some moisture to these parched mountains.

I end the video with the time lapse video of the day set to to the music of Snow Patrol’s “Called out in the Dark” off the CD Fallen Empires appropriately named considering the state of the world these days.

Keep looking up!  -Scott

2013-0323 Snow and HUGE Texas Waves

March 23, 2013

Some light snow locally (should have been a lot more than what fell) as as I look at the morning satellite imagery I see some massive gravity waves pulsing across Southern Oklahoma and the Western Red River Valley of Texas.  This is one massive operation of waves that were set up just in advance of the storm that I am under out in Colorado.

Next up is yet another big Pacific chemtrail operation well off the California coast I point a few of the trails easily visible on the 6.5 micron Water Vapor imagery.. Then as I come back several hours later the region that I had been observing blows up into a many thousand square mile region of chemtrail cloud shield.  This will be included on the video for 3/24/13.

I close with a time lapse of the snow and clouds of the day set to an excerpt of Snow Patrol’s song “Crack the Shutters”.

Enjoy,  -Scott