Gallery of Images May 22 2011

May 22, 2011

A bight late spring morning with lenticular clouds arching over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado.

A fairly fast jet stream is streaming overhead, but its speed is largely insufficient for ‘natural’ lenticular cloud development.  Frequent chemtrail flights, this morning, are seen in these images as the weather makers are keeping tabs on this cloud formation.

May 22, 2011 - 9 am Mountain ... The skies are clear over the San Luis Valley, but the mountain wave clouds are in place over the entire length of the Sangre de Christo Mountains to the East.


6 thoughts on “Gallery of Images May 22 2011

  1. Hi Scot,
    I have been watching and photographing this issue for ages. As far as I know, making rain was common practice in South Africa in the seventies. I moved to Holland in 1985. In the late 90ies we started having rainstorms here that reminded me of what I knew in Africa and in early in 2000 I became aware of chemtrails. It has taken me a long time to find your site but I am so glad I found it as you have cleared up a lot of issues for me as it makes sense given what I learnt in school in geography. Thanks a lot for the sensible info. You have given me new angles to look at. I am spreading your site around as this makes a lot of sense. Sorry to hear you lost your job and have not been employed since. Very best wishes and keep up the good work,

  2. We live Victoria BC, April5 2013 11:30 am, we were about to go for walk, two aircraft started chemtrailing, within 1hour the blue sky was overcast cloudy! Chemtrails appeared dripping for miles, then blue sky was gone!

  3. Am I wrong in thinking that one reason there are so few of the Chem Trailers in evidence here in Northern California over the last 96 hours has been because they’ re deployed to create the needed formations further east of us? Doesn’t it take a lot of the jets to get ‘er done, as they did on May 21st?

  4. Scott, thanks so much for all your amazing work around chemtrails! I Iive in Manhattan Kansas and remember when you were at WIBW in Topeka. Something I’ve been seeing for over a year now but have not seen in any of your photos (though certainly I’ve not seen all your photos) is what I’m thinking must be surface to air missile explosions. They start out looking like a child’s drawing of the sun–central sun with rays extending out. A cloud of chemicals is the central sun and chemical cloud rays extend out.
    One afternoon when taking my granddaughters (11 and 14) to Topeka we saw the worst just after they had been launched in a completely cloudless, sunny blue sky. One was in the northern horizon with one opposite in the southern horizon, the rays pointing towards each other. By the time we reached Topeka 45 minutes later, there was total cloud cover in the entire area–not one patch of blue sky remained. I was very surprised. I pointed the “clouds” out to my granddaughters and explained these weren’t natural clouds but man-made explosions intended for weather control.
    Anyway I’m wondering if you know exactly what these are. It is mostly what I see now in the Manhattan area. Very few aircraft here now leaving chemtrails. Most of it is done with this other approach. Of course, Ft. Riley right next door contributes a great deal to this. We hear the “bombs” and watch the clouds appear and take over the sky.
    Do you know of David Wilcock’s work? If so, I’m wondering if you feel it is valid or invalid. And surely you know of Steven Greer’s work. He was just in Crestone this past week with a group “expedition”. I follow the work of both these men fairly closely and am wondering how close we might be to seeing the sinking of the cabal’s ship. Do you have any sense about it. I, like many others, simply feel I can’t stay that much longer if we don’t get this earthship wrestled out of the jaws of this insane power-hungry cabal–whatever they are called now. Use to be the Majestic 12…

  5. July 11, 2013 I heard your discussions last night on Coast to Coast AM. I am an artist, and I’ve studied the sky and clouds my entire life. I have been observing chemtrails and the oh-so-obvious, non-God-made “clouds” in our Northern California skies for several years now. I’ve become increasingly angry and at the same time anxious about what is being sprayed on us and Mother Earth. I have felt that it would take a brave meteorologist with his or her scientific background to give credence to what so many of us have observed. Thank you so very much for your willingness to take the lead in being a spokesman for all of us down below the chemtrail fallout. I wish you good fortune in your pursuits. David did slay the giant. You are in my prayers.

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