The Electric Sky – 2


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This image was taken the morning of November 17, 2004 from a plane departing New York’s JFK airport.

A flood of negative ions deposited into this hole acts on the clouds by releasing static bonds that are holding the clouds together.  The hydrogen and oxygen bonds holding the the water molecules together are broken and with the resulting release moisture falls/crystallizes/sublimates out of the cloud above.

These types of clouds are also known as “Fall Streak Clouds” or ‘Hole Punch Clouds”

Several examples follow below.


This image caused quite a stir in late summer 2003 when this image was captured some place in Alabama, if I recall correctly.  I enjoyed reading the accounts of how the meteorological community struggled to explain how this cloud formed from their limited knowledge of the electrical processes at work in our atmosphere.

The accepted explanation was that there was a condensation nuclei present that initiated the event.  Still no answer as to why the circular shape and source of the nuclei to trigger its formation.  You now know that it was a flood of negative ions delivered by HAARP or similar technologies to rain out the cloud cover into this weeping cirrus cloud.

Another negative ion energy weapon strike within a gridded altocumulus field.


Orlando Florida late in the day prior to Christmas Eve Day 2004 – Blooming chemtrails evident with a striking oval imprint deposited into the cloud field.  Again, flights flown across/through these electric phenomena to collect meteorological data; It truly amazes me that this whole project is still so hidden behind the ‘important’ news of the day. A sorry symptom of the state of journalism in this nation and indeed throughout the Western world.

Tuscon, Arizona  4 October 2004 – Another fresh strike.  The cloud deck does not seem to be as dense so the cirrus like fallout is thin, or just beginning.

Yet again an oval imprint, this one near Pocatello, Idaho June 2004.


Eastern Idaho Late June 2004 – Occasionally there is no visible cloud deck from which the hole to manifest; so we see only the results of the strike as the cirrus like clouds fall out of the strike oval.  This was a heavy aerosol spraying day and one chemtrail is visible across the lower portion of the image.

A wider view of the above event showing another weeping cirrus cloud to the left/east of the first with a marking chemtrail marking , very nearly, the lower extent of the “fall streak” or weeping cirrus, as I prefer to call them.


This oval strike appears to be very fresh with the cirrus fallout just in the beginning phases. Note the straight edge to the back of the cloud field northward of the oval.


Residue from chemtrail clouds, the oily appearance to the clouds gives away their true nature. Notice the bubbling nature of this technology at work within the chem-clouds.  (2011 – This may also be the excitation of the Orgone, the “Chi”, aspect of the atmosphere).  Much more on the “Chi” of the atmosphere to come.. July 2011.