The Electric Sky – 3


The Electric Sky –  3



This image sent in from a reader in Oregon.  A thin overcast colored by chemtrail over flights punctuated with holes and rippling is again apparent.

This one is just strange.  I would like to see the energy imprint pattern that enables this cloud to take on this shape.  Click the image for a close up of the holes.

Below are a few close-up images of some peculiar clouds with contrast enhanced to being out details that are often unseeable with our bight skies.



A daytime view of a patch of altocumulus cloud cover.

Nighttime can provide a fascinating view to the underbelly of this weather machine.  No daytime convective turbulance to get in the way of viewing cloud formations.

A field of altocumulus like clouds repleate with holes and straight edges cutting across the clouds.  Click on the image for the full size image.



Holes, ripples, a little bit of everything in this mess of electrical clouds. Again the larger image is available by clicking on the picture.

There are all sorts of odd shapes out there!

An interesting swirl/oval I saw above the house on my way to work one afternoon last spring(2004).

This one was sent in by a reader from Wisconsin this past January 24.  Thick rippling but with gross disruptions in those smooth ‘natural’ (wink wink) roll clouds.  These holes in this cloud set are similar to the second image farther up on this page.


Battle Creek Michigan 21 September 2004  Nearing sunset.

Wow!  What a strike!  A burst of energy with the rippling action rolling outward toward the thick chemtrail off the the right/eastern edge of the frame.  Click on the picture for the full, very large, raw image.  I am of the firm belief that there are several reasons these chem and contrails are laid out across our skies.  Aerosols for the scattering of the solar insolation, sun shielding/ozone repair, over the horizon radar and communications, tracing lines via a contrail grid to determine shear zones generated by the scalar weapons and finally something like an energy barrier standing as an alert system of some sort.  Note the
airborne-non airplane-object in the upper left.  Could chemtrails be acting as a scalar charged barrier that when one of these object penetrates the chemcloud barrier some kind of alert is then triggered?

The more open the mind the more likely we are to consider all possible evidences and truths.


This was taken about two minutes later.  After this much HAARP activity it is about time for a fresh layer of the chemtrail mixture.  There is a war in the skies, and it is about time we are told with whom and why!