The Electric Sky – 4


The Electric Sky – 4

Holes as seen in GOES visible satellite imagery…

4 February 2004 1615Z Yellowstone, Wyoming

With a human hand in the skies these holes usually show up in pairs, and that often looks like a pair of eyes.  A face over Yellowstone; it can be kind of creepy!

9 January 2005 2045Z  Oklahoma and southern Kansas

The entire region is littered with these unusual oval imprints, many are significant in their radial size.

1 November 2004 2215Z  Northwestern Iowa

Numerous rippling/acceleration routines running along with the occasional series of holes punctuating the cloud tops of these squall lines.

21 December 2004 1615Z Arizona
These next two images show art at work in the clouds. Certainly an intentional design imprinting in the cloudy overcast over and near the city of Phoenix.  What was it about this design, Phoenix and the winter solstice?

A broader view of southern Arizona and New Mexico taken 15 minutes later, 1630Z versus the previous image.


21 December 2004 2130Z Arizona/New Mexico 2130Z

All sorts of odd holes, sets of holes and straight line cuts and rippling.

23 February 2005 1730Z Southern California

After a winter of heavy wet Pacific storms the Southland is trying to dry out.  With a continuously split jet stream a seemingly endless series of storms laden with moisture impacts the area.  All of this is by design; delivering California a Florida like experience reminiscent of last summers hurricanes. Both have been very expensive affairs revealing poor build quality in house construction, building site choices and lot durability/stability when confronted with an angry atmosphere. When will we learn that press board and 2 by 6’s do not make for sturdy homes?