The Electric Sky – 5


The Electric Sky –  5


8 February 2005 1900Z  Montana and Northern Idaho

An outstanding display of scalar/gravatonic waves with rectangles cut out of the intended overcast and forecast/expected snow showers (that is how we keep a drought going)!  These holes are littered all across the image.

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28 February 2004 0030Z -or- 4:30pm PST the 27th Northern California

Another wet storm is headed into California with the heaviest of the rains south of San Francisco.  Active suppression of the rains and environment directly ahead of the storm is evident with a few of the oval holes (negative energy imprints) pointed out.  By no means are all of the major holes highlighted.  Find the others keeping in mind that they frequently occur in pairs.

Nodes and Anodes in acoustic speak… Nodes are up drafts, low pressure zones, while anodes are downward spirals of air, creating a local area of higher air pressure. – Boyd Bushman – Lockheed Martin Scientist Ret.


16 February 2005  2145Z 3:45pm Eastern Michigan/Wisconsin

These are not natural ordering patterns for clouds.  It must be fun to go to work and have the worlds weather, or some portion of it, at your fingertips.  I bet I can make it rain today, really I can!



9 June 2004 1945Z Montana

This was two days after I had my big epiphany concerning how grand this project really is; I have now seen all the oddities from below for what they are; and now I see that it looks just as unusual from above.   I shake my head in bewilderment on how this remains so well hidden from so many.  Even how I failed to ask questions earlier than I did.


3 February 2005 0330Z  Hawaii

This is what we term The Pineapple Express. During the winter a jet stream directing tropical moisture toward the West Coast of the US from the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands.

Since there is a human designed electrical pattern that has been laid out in four dimensions our across the atmosphere (and beyond) water is attracted to this grid as it is charged electrically.  As this grid turns on and off as storms are moved from each cube/zone within this grid.  Just marvel at the design found at work here.


18 January 2005 0800Z Hawaii and the North Pacific

Bursts of Negative Energy Holes in the cloud cover found at the tail end of a wet Pacific winter storm. Click the image to view at full resolution.


1 February 2004 0600Z  Hawaii

A plume of moisture punctuated by bursts of negative energy raining out the moisture while weakening a portion of the northward winds functioning as moisture and heat transportation into the cooler more northerly latitudes of this winter storm. This is necessary to keep the Earths energy systems in balance.  Are we disrupting natural processes that will cause unnecessary climatic blowback in the future?
Public discussion must begin!