Mid-Level Clouds

Those Clouds That Usually Reside
Between 8,000 and 15,000′.

July 17, 2004

An IZ, interference zone, full of acceleration ripples. 
These areas of rippling seem to manifest themselves when holes
appear in the cloud cover.   There is some sort of relation
that will be the feature of a future page.

Giant squares in the skies!  Rippling
that bends the clouds into place is common at this altitude.
It is a pattern that looks like an acceleration event. Speeding
up the air mass imparts energy and angular momentum into a
storm. Making it more potent than it would be otherwise. Weather
forecasting models are always behind the curve when scalar
weaponry is used. Give your weatherman a break but not until
they acknowledge why they have been wrong day after day.  


Clouds can be generated and suppressed. Do
you really think the 500-year drought in the West is natural?
I took this picture while in the TV station’s parking lot. 

November 2003 Pocatello Idaho


Looking southeast as an impressive horizon
to horizon nighttime grid is illuminated by a full moon. Certainly
one of the best I’ve ever seen.

December 26, 2003 Idaho


Late in the evening Late May 2004
   A deck of altocumulus clouds being
cut to pieces as evidenced by the straight lines radiating
up from the horizon.  A closer view can be seen below.


A portion the ‘grid,’ at a joint or intersection
point where the thinned out portion of the cloud meets the
thicker but still opaque cloud deck.  Note the hole at
upper center marking the point at which the energy denoting
the two parts of this cloud formation.


An unusual shape for altocumulus clouds to
be sure.   Stress and some smearing as the clouds
are formed at this location but the winds continue trying
to drag them along downwind.  So often sets of clouds
will form and then stand still for hours in relation to all
other clouds around them; sometimes clouds will even pass
through them unfazed.  Time lapse photography is the
only easy way to make these observations. 


December 13 2004 Idaho

Very strong twisting–added angular momentum or chaos at smaller
scales–leaves us with the most unusual cloud shapes of all. 
It is not possible to examine this image and not shake your
head at the thought of ‘How is this possible?’

Active atmospheric heating/lifting these clouds
laced with the chemical of the contrail marker flights. 
Lots of rippling evident all around this area while I took
this picture.

The boiling of the sky; whether it is HAARP
or some other nation’s/entity’s technology, the visible actions
of their use are around us each and every day if we but take
a moment to see and understand our environmental conditions/surroundings
and thereby our place in the all that is becomes
just a little more clear.   Rampant ignorance has allowed
this to happen.   Note the contrail flown from south
to north just above the house next door.

More heating of the atmosphere.  One
of my three dogs, Pieper, who just loves the winter snow!