2013-0410 Satellite Discussion – Ship Trails and Cold Spring Storms

April 10, 2013

It was a rich day, target wise, for spotting the hand of man in the skies via the current global Geo-engineering efforts that are already underway.

First off it is a gridded network of cirrus clouds in the Gulf of Mexico that is, or could be, the result of a widespread marking chemtrails.  Next, a look at all the ripples and waves in the thunderstorms across the Southern Plains associated with this winter storm.

Off the Pacific Coast a large operation of ship-trails leads emanating, or targeting on their east side, a series of holes of seven holes (circular regions of clear skies) off the coast of California.

Just to the north of that surface based operation I spot an inbound storm a small event (that may bring some rain to Texas 4/13 Sat) being inundated with chemtrails.  My gut tells me that they are flattening the event by decreasing the spin this trough will/would generate.  Time will tell.

Keep looking up!

Satellite data from weathertap.com  The whole reason I subscribe ($7.95/mo) to their service is the large 4000×3000 pixel 1km resolution visible satellite imagery.  It has been invaluable to me over the years.