Satellite Imagery (Part 2)

Visible Satellite Imagery – Page 2

Oct 3, 2004-2303Z

A wide open square with two or three ‘walls’. West Kansas.

A canopy of high clouds is growing through the upper half
of the box.


Oct 16, 2004 1630Z 9:30am Local :
Southern California coast

This is a cut-off low spinning with a nice double-walled square/cube
at its NW/NE sides. The squaring is generating additional
angular momentum.


July 6, 2004 1638Z 12:38pm Local :
New England

Download and examine closely. The Hudson Valley is particularly
interesting. the jagged eastern cloudbank of the lower valley
is just wrong. Energy cut from Boston to the tip of Long Island.
Two diagonal parallel stripes cut across central Vermont.
Dual wedge shaped cutouts over the southern Adirondacks. Four
large areas of cloud suppression. southern NH & SE Maine
are mirror images, then another set over northern Maine and
western Maine into Quebec. A few other examples exist; can
you find them?


une 13, 2004–2028Z 4:28pm Local Mid-Atlantic

How many separate areas of rippling/acceleration
can you spot? Skies have been cleared out over central PA
in a square pattern. See the radial pattern emanating from
SE West Virginia. and a curious straight blocked cloud just
to its east.


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Oct 3, 2004-1915Z 2:15pm Local Western
Great Lakes area

A windy day, a strong front having just gone through
the area leaving instability cumulus with isolated showers.
The problem is the clouds in southern Ontario are all at sharp
right angles, unnatural for a gas or fluid. A nice clear or
negative energy zone has cleared out the clouds, to a razor
sharp western edge running along western Lake Superior. See
what else you can find in there that is unusual.


July 14, 2004 1537Z Central Plains

Sometimes it is just so beautiful that you have to
stand back and admire their work. Every one of these clouds
is displaying the work of a strategic scalar interferometer.


Sept 17, 2004 1515Z Southern Appalachians
— GOES-12

I’ve marked off the edges of the larger grid zones.
making in a little easier to see how the grid has digitized
Ivan. Ivan’s southern eye wall collapsed a short time before
landfall, the next morning it was easy to see that work was
actively being done to diminish the rainfall on the southern
half of the storm. In this image the center of the storm was
just east of Atlanta with all rains south of that area far
lighter than to the north.