2013 0619-20 Colorado Fires

June 19/20, 2013

Since I am living in Southern Colorado where the drought and the warm winters just keep repeating themselves, it shouldn’t then come as a surprise that this summer is likely to be a very dry, hot and potentially dangerous one for those living near and in the mountains of the Western United States.

The rain and snows have, for years, been intentionally suppressed across the West  profoundly altering the weather and hence the climate of the West.  Four decades of warm winters, about 1980 through the Present, have allowed the Mountain Pine Beetle to flourish and thereby decimating our precious National Forests.

The dying tree stands in Colorado's San Juan Mountains.  8/8/2012

The dying tree stands in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. 8/8/2012

Stands of dead and dying pine trees impacted by more than 30 years of warm dry winters.

Stands of dead and dying pine trees impacted by more than 30 years of warm dry winters.  8/8/2012

How will this massive Geo-engineering program be exposed to the world?  How much longer must this planet have to be exposed to this criminal action?  What will this planet’s weather react when the manipulation ends?  Who will end it, and when?

2013-0321 Are These Really (Legit) Airliners?

March 21, 2013

A couple of very low flying UPS 767s that have me questioning whether or not all planes that are painted to APPEAR to be a regular commercial traffic; if not, then who is running this utterly massive global operation?

Who is the boss?  Who can compromise every single Federal agency that might be capable of figuring it out?

I close with a time lapse video of that afternoon looking westward out over the northern end of Colorado’s San Luis Valley set to an excerpt of a song by Sebastien Leger’s titled “The People”.

2012-1212 A Day In The Car — Short version

December 12, 2012

I spent the entire day on the road, but with an amazing display of trails, iridescent clouds, resonant geometry manifesting in the clouds it was a “target rich” day for my camera.  (A Sony HX200V for the many who ask daily what camera are you using? )  I don’t get a chance to do much explaining of the clouds as it was simply a point, shoot and record video and stills of the days activity in the sky.

At 0:15 I spot a smallish thin cloud that a chemtrail flight just happened to leave a small “tic” of a trail exactly through (one have above the cloud the other nearer half below).  Why the keen interest in this little cloud?

At 0:33, a disc shape of a cloud not all of which is visible, has been split nearly in half as both portions display a uniform wave pattern on their upper halves while the lower half rains fairly solid in uniform.  Then a long solitary chemtrail just above the eastern horizon is a foretelling of things to come.

As we get closer to the Front Range the disc like lenticular clouds get more numerous and the planes and trails more common, at 1:15,  one trail perfectly kisses the top of a lenticular at 2:03.

Some wedge like shapes cut out of the clouds at 2:00 and 2:14…   Driving into Canon City Colorado.

At 2:35, three trails one fresh one on top with two other broken trails sits atop a sharply defined lenticular cloud.  The top trail precisely splits the two lower trails.

At 3:12 I spot an X, a cross in the clouds, and PLEASE notice the four different wave patterns that exist in each quadrant of the “X” with the upper left on being clear.  The trail responsible for the horizontal mark continues in a segment to the west, seen at 3:28… Also note that the western half of the trail is weeping out with the greatest visible ‘drops’ at the center point.

At 3:40, a trail above the cloud deck runs out the precise most western extent of the cloud.  The texture of the clouds is quite different on either side of the trail.

At 4:04, I get the opportunity to point out the marking out geometry and behavior the trails overhead at that time.  It is quite a display!

At 6:06, a very cool “X” laid across an older trail the veers off to the North.  Amazing accuracy is being displayed here.

At 6:38, a Southwest 737 is laying down a blue/white trail with some ‘glowing” iridescent “clouds” to the south/left of the trail and some very different alto-cumulus to the right of the trail. This boundary seems to have been the purpose of the trail.

At 7:54, An older marking chemtrail is “re-aligned” with a white/blue chemtrail at the boundary, again, of a glowing iridescent “cloud”.  The same behavior, the re-alignment the resetting of the zero line, is seen with the smaller trail running against a older deformed trail above it.

Finally, at 9:12 a pair of trails glow orange and pink against the darkening of the eastern sky while higher in the sky they glow while still being illuminated by the last ray of the setting sun.

This shoot would have been impossible without the amazing three axis image stabilization of this Sony camera.  I you’re serious about shooting great footage hand-held, this the the camera to get!

“Nothing changes until the people see.”  -Scott Stevens

2012-1213 This and That

December 8, 2012

I’ve been able to grab just bits of the sky here and there over the past week, so several days of chemtrail watching have been compressed into this video.  Plus one weather/map/forecast discussion that was done on the 9th.

Right off the bat (0:06) I start with a cloud that has taken the shape of a triangle, shortly after I notice it a plane comes along and leaves a trail right underneath it.  The whole formation lasts maybe six minutes.  Next, ( 0:25) two trails are laid down and two very different types of clouds them form on/under the segment of the trail that remains…

At (3:45) I’m just shooting the camera out the window at quite the lenticular cloud formation that has been in place for the better part of two hours then focus in on one particular cloud that is “just too bizarre.”  (5:15)  At (6:00) a painted up United flight leaves a chemtrail then a set of clouds promptly forms in the surrounding environment (say 2km either side of)  highlighted by that flight.  Then at (7:06) massive waves roll over the lenticular cloud off to my east.

A weather/map forecast discussion begins at 7:30.

“Nothing changes until the people see.”  -Scott Stevens

2012-1209 Chemtrail Overload

December 10, 2012

Several days worth of time lapse imagery focused on the days with heavy trailing activity.  This particular set of days was just after the first of this year (2012).  This video is especially targeted at those that want to analyze the behavior as these trails as they interact with each other.  Observe that they are used to mark different flows (directional and speed) within discrete layers of the atmosphere.  Also note how the clouds will then rapidly form at locations, or the boundaries of locations, where the trails are laid down (0:10 then note the N-S rippling surging East that forms to the right of the trail).  Two trails at 0:23 with a deck of clouds developing and arriving from the NE with a center-line trail seen at 0:30.  A new N-S trail segment, plus another trail running E-W off into the distance laid down at 0:42 with the new deck of attendant clouds also arriving/developing from the north. Another trail laid down amidst rapidly developing clouds at 0:53.

Four trails, in a triangle formation, are laid down at 1:17 outlining the zone of new cloud formation.  Especially the trails at 1:20 & 1:22 extending to the right from mid-screen constitute the axis of new cloud formation.

The chemtrail at 1:49 sets the southern boundary for the rapidly developing clouds arriving from the north, three trails run through this deck of clouds at 2:05.  At 2:08 it is very easy to spot the two deformation behaviors as this chemtrail runs to the west across the clouds headed to split the N/S chemtrail just above the mountains well off to the west.  At 2:12 a trail perfectly splits a two-part fall streak cirrus cloud.

The rest of the video is a silent compilation of time lapse video of the chemtrails in the skies over Southern Colorado.

Keep looking up!

-Scott Stevens

2012-1128 Old, Old Trails

28 November 2012

So just how long have these “chemtrails” or persistent contrails been photographed in our skies?  Much longer than we’d like.

Since we have video of the American military during WW2 experimenting with the use of contrails to ‘hide’ behind, is it such a far leap to consider that this program and all it’s many potential uses, is far far older than it appears?

Many changes happened after Roswell and during the Cold War. so much so that Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWiIYW_fBfY ) and Kennedy’s Secret Society speech that he gave just ten days before his assassination.  Seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnEZ6FdE9mE

I ask, just how long ago did we lose our weather and our skies?

2012-1116 “Flying in Formation”

November 16, 2012


Have a few days of video here.  It’s very pretty quiet and I haven’t been able to get outside as much during this past week.

We start with some decaying showers, ans what that looks like at 0:15.

“What’s up with that” with some flat topped clouds at 1:00 with a low low passing jet that looks all white, but there is some red or orange along the upper fuselage at 2:00.

Then Monday the 12th all blue with very few planes all day long, but at sunset, 2:30 the I zoom in at a western horizon with trails and some cirrus clouds with sharp 90-degree angles.

At 3:30 the next day’s sunset, Tuesday the 13th it’s the same thing, just some thin cirrus seen off the horizon at sunset.

At 4:42, Wednesday the 14th there is a return to chemtrails and the canopy of cirrus that they bring.  At 5:15 “Holy Cow!” a very low flying 747 rolls overhead.  I do not recognize the pain of this plane, but later on I figure out that it is an Atlas Air 747 that makes the same flight path four days later (Saturday the 17th of November at 10:19am) and I do get some good video of that passage overhead that was also very very low.

(At 7:30) It’s later on Thursday the 15th, as an advancing shield of clouds, littered with trails and loads of turbulence evident in the clouds that the planes were flying through, not above.

At 10:05…  The crescent moon is slightly obscured by cirrus clouds… I mention the new Great Comet ISON at 11:00.

At 13:00  “I suppose the question is then why do you need these trails?”  It is what the trails are making visible!”  “I may not be calling these chemtrails any more…”

At 15:00  “Friday Morning 16 November…”  A chemtrail becomes a banded cirrus cloud then a very BRIGHT sun dog makes an appearance At 18:00.

At 19:15 a triplet of military C-117’s are flying in formation from the West to the East.  I’ve got substantial clouds in the way so views are captured only as they clear the clouds.

At 22:20 some interesting waves, rather flat waves at that, are emerging out over the Valley with lenticular clouds over the mountains at 23:00.

At 26:00 If you are watching this in 720P,  you’re going to see this best.

At 27:00 Contrail research began in the 1940s, with project Paperclip bringing the Nazi scientists to America, and then all the technology that was transferred to the Military Industrial Complex in the 1950s via Eisenhower’s agreements with ETs’. With this came the ability to manipulate our weather.  This stuff goes back 60 years!

At 30:30 It’s time to find safe zones.. residents that stay near sea level will be at great risk going forward.

At 31:25  This must be the day of flying in formation.  Another set of three aircraft are photographed flying due north…

“Nothing changes until the people see.”  -Scott Stevens

2012-1101 “What is Defined as a Cloudy Sky These Days?”

1 November 2012

I ask “What is defined as a cloudy sky?

There was a time, back before the 1990s, when human beings actually took the NWS (National Weather Service) hourly observations by looking at the instruments, stepping outside and then inputting and transmitting the datum so that it could be disseminated globally.  The format then used was the “SA” or Surface Airway report that was used by pilots and weather persons interested in the weather conditions at that place and at that time. (Now it is the ASOS system http://www.nws.noaa.gov/asos/) Back then, high clouds, the cirrus clouds, were included in these hourly weather reports.  Thin high clouds were reported as -OVC (thin overcast) or -BKN (thin broken) or -SCT (thin scattered) cloud cover.  The estimated altitude was also reported.  For example -OVC 310 would be translated as thin overcast at 31,000 feet.  The presence of contrails that impacted the observed coverage of clouds in the sky was or could be included in an observer comment.  More included data, then it becomes a higher value observation to the end user.

A funny thing happened during the “Modernization” of the National Weather Service beginning in the late 1980s  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weather_Service_Modernization_Act_of_1992
The all important HUMAN element of weather observations was replaced by a computer.  A computer had a celiometer included in the instrument package, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceilometer the celiometer is the technology of choice to now determine cloud coverage.  This is kind of cool, but in then end, cause great frustration as it was PROGRAMED not to report clouds ‘seen’ or ‘sensed’ above 12,000 feet. (many cloudy days are still reported as “CLRBLO 120” or clear skies below 12,000 feet) This was done despite the fact that the ceilometer was full capable of reporting clouds to at least the 21,000 foot level.  As a weatherman, this greatly devalued the weather observation.  Why?  Because when forecasting nighttime low temperatures the addition of a blanket of cirrus clouds will keep the low temp much warmer than without the cloud cover.  This act of modernization weakened my ability to provide a more accurate forecast.

This change in the process of observation now hides all the weather activities that occur above the 12,000′ level.  Meaning all the now ubiquitous con/chemtrails and cirrus clouds that now observed many thousands of feet lower than they ever used to be observed at.  Now there are cirrus-like clouds at 13,000′ when 20,000′ used to be the lower limit.  Clouds do not look like they used to and are observed at elevations that are far, far too low when compared to historical standards.

It is as if this global Geo-engineering program caps much, but not all, of our weather to sub 30,000′ keeping the chemtrail planes below much of the commercial and civilian fleet.

“Nothing Changes Until the People See.”

2012-1029 Commuter Planes Join the Chemtrail Program (updated 12/7/12)

October 29 2012

For the first time ever, for me at least, I just captured video of a United Express Q400 chemtrailing over the mountains to my east.  Leaving a substantial trail as well.  The next plane over the mountains was a Dutch KLM 747, talk about a contrast between aircraft size!

I do a quick Sandy update at :05.

“Let’s make this a global discussion.” at 2:20.  At 2:45 I spot what I thought was a flight that flies into our local airport at Alamosa which would have been a Beechcraft 1900, but it was actually an Bombardier Q400.


United Express Bombardier Q400

With the merger of Continental and United Airlines, the Bombardier Q400s used at Continental are now the United Express Bombardier Q400s. Continental and United are creating one brand, United and the United Express Q400s now reflect their new name and color scheme.

United Express Bombardier Q400 Update: On May 15, 2012 United announced that Republic Airways will be taking over Q400 flying from Colgan Air by the end of 2012.

United Express Bombardier Q400 details:

  • All United Express Bombardier Q400s are Bombardier Q400 Nextgen aircraft.
  • United Express Bombardier Q400 are operated for United by Colgan Air.
  • United Q400s operate out of Newark, NJ (EWR), Washington Dulles (IAD), Houston Intercontinental (IAH), Cleveland-Hopkins, OH (CLE) and Chicago O’Hare, IL (ORD) – (New Base).
  • Colgan Air currently owns/operates 28 United Express Bombardier Q400s for United, with more new Q400s being delivered.

At 5:50 I spy a “heavy” a 747 painted up with Dutch KLM paint doing the work. Look into the open skies treaty privileges allowed to member nations.


“Nothing changes until the people see.”  -Scott Stevens

2012 1026 – The Franken-Storm That Will Hammer the Northeast United States

A map discussion of the pending merger of Hurricane Sandy with a potent impulse arriving from the Pacific that will add to the thermal contrast or Baroclinity.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baroclinity   This greatly enhanced temperature contrast over a short distance with copious amounts of tropical water in the atmosphere is the perfect set up for an atmospheric bomb to develop.

The chemtrails have been abundant on the western and northern reaches of Sandy during these past few days, and the chemtrails have been thick associated with this storm coming in from the Pacific.  These two events are being engineered into ONE MONSTER.  This storm is intentional!

This is a storm to run from!