2013 0619-20 Colorado Fires

June 19/20, 2013

Since I am living in Southern Colorado where the drought and the warm winters just keep repeating themselves, it shouldn’t then come as a surprise that this summer is likely to be a very dry, hot and potentially dangerous one for those living near and in the mountains of the Western United States.

The rain and snows have, for years, been intentionally suppressed across the West  profoundly altering the weather and hence the climate of the West.  Four decades of warm winters, about 1980 through the Present, have allowed the Mountain Pine Beetle to flourish and thereby decimating our precious National Forests.

The dying tree stands in Colorado's San Juan Mountains.  8/8/2012

The dying tree stands in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. 8/8/2012

Stands of dead and dying pine trees impacted by more than 30 years of warm dry winters.

Stands of dead and dying pine trees impacted by more than 30 years of warm dry winters.  8/8/2012

How will this massive Geo-engineering program be exposed to the world?  How much longer must this planet have to be exposed to this criminal action?  What will this planet’s weather react when the manipulation ends?  Who will end it, and when?

2013-0321 Are These Really (Legit) Airliners?

March 21, 2013

A couple of very low flying UPS 767s that have me questioning whether or not all planes that are painted to APPEAR to be a regular commercial traffic; if not, then who is running this utterly massive global operation?

Who is the boss?  Who can compromise every single Federal agency that might be capable of figuring it out?

I close with a time lapse video of that afternoon looking westward out over the northern end of Colorado’s San Luis Valley set to an excerpt of a song by Sebastien Leger’s titled “The People”.

2012-1213 This and That

December 8, 2012

I’ve been able to grab just bits of the sky here and there over the past week, so several days of chemtrail watching have been compressed into this video.  Plus one weather/map/forecast discussion that was done on the 9th.

Right off the bat (0:06) I start with a cloud that has taken the shape of a triangle, shortly after I notice it a plane comes along and leaves a trail right underneath it.  The whole formation lasts maybe six minutes.  Next, ( 0:25) two trails are laid down and two very different types of clouds them form on/under the segment of the trail that remains…

At (3:45) I’m just shooting the camera out the window at quite the lenticular cloud formation that has been in place for the better part of two hours then focus in on one particular cloud that is “just too bizarre.”  (5:15)  At (6:00) a painted up United flight leaves a chemtrail then a set of clouds promptly forms in the surrounding environment (say 2km either side of)  highlighted by that flight.  Then at (7:06) massive waves roll over the lenticular cloud off to my east.

A weather/map forecast discussion begins at 7:30.

“Nothing changes until the people see.”  -Scott Stevens

2012-1101 “What is Defined as a Cloudy Sky These Days?”

1 November 2012

I ask “What is defined as a cloudy sky?

There was a time, back before the 1990s, when human beings actually took the NWS (National Weather Service) hourly observations by looking at the instruments, stepping outside and then inputting and transmitting the datum so that it could be disseminated globally.  The format then used was the “SA” or Surface Airway report that was used by pilots and weather persons interested in the weather conditions at that place and at that time. (Now it is the ASOS system http://www.nws.noaa.gov/asos/) Back then, high clouds, the cirrus clouds, were included in these hourly weather reports.  Thin high clouds were reported as -OVC (thin overcast) or -BKN (thin broken) or -SCT (thin scattered) cloud cover.  The estimated altitude was also reported.  For example -OVC 310 would be translated as thin overcast at 31,000 feet.  The presence of contrails that impacted the observed coverage of clouds in the sky was or could be included in an observer comment.  More included data, then it becomes a higher value observation to the end user.

A funny thing happened during the “Modernization” of the National Weather Service beginning in the late 1980s  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weather_Service_Modernization_Act_of_1992
The all important HUMAN element of weather observations was replaced by a computer.  A computer had a celiometer included in the instrument package, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceilometer the celiometer is the technology of choice to now determine cloud coverage.  This is kind of cool, but in then end, cause great frustration as it was PROGRAMED not to report clouds ‘seen’ or ‘sensed’ above 12,000 feet. (many cloudy days are still reported as “CLRBLO 120” or clear skies below 12,000 feet) This was done despite the fact that the ceilometer was full capable of reporting clouds to at least the 21,000 foot level.  As a weatherman, this greatly devalued the weather observation.  Why?  Because when forecasting nighttime low temperatures the addition of a blanket of cirrus clouds will keep the low temp much warmer than without the cloud cover.  This act of modernization weakened my ability to provide a more accurate forecast.

This change in the process of observation now hides all the weather activities that occur above the 12,000′ level.  Meaning all the now ubiquitous con/chemtrails and cirrus clouds that now observed many thousands of feet lower than they ever used to be observed at.  Now there are cirrus-like clouds at 13,000′ when 20,000′ used to be the lower limit.  Clouds do not look like they used to and are observed at elevations that are far, far too low when compared to historical standards.

It is as if this global Geo-engineering program caps much, but not all, of our weather to sub 30,000′ keeping the chemtrail planes below much of the commercial and civilian fleet.

“Nothing Changes Until the People See.”