2013 0619-20 Colorado Fires

June 19/20, 2013

Since I am living in Southern Colorado where the drought and the warm winters just keep repeating themselves, it shouldn’t then come as a surprise that this summer is likely to be a very dry, hot and potentially dangerous one for those living near and in the mountains of the Western United States.

The rain and snows have, for years, been intentionally suppressed across the West  profoundly altering the weather and hence the climate of the West.  Four decades of warm winters, about 1980 through the Present, have allowed the Mountain Pine Beetle to flourish and thereby decimating our precious National Forests.

The dying tree stands in Colorado's San Juan Mountains.  8/8/2012

The dying tree stands in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. 8/8/2012

Stands of dead and dying pine trees impacted by more than 30 years of warm dry winters.

Stands of dead and dying pine trees impacted by more than 30 years of warm dry winters.  8/8/2012

How will this massive Geo-engineering program be exposed to the world?  How much longer must this planet have to be exposed to this criminal action?  What will this planet’s weather react when the manipulation ends?  Who will end it, and when?

2012 1009 — An Explanation of Why Chemtrails are Used


October 9, 2012  – Crestone Colorado

The planes, by late in the day, had stitched together a canopy of clouds, flight by flight by flight.

Watch the precision of this operation build a sky full of cirrus clouds one, by one, by one.  The precision is astonishing, the ballet of of aircraft building on the work of the one before.  See this aspect of the chemtrail program through the eyes of a weatherman.

I end the clip with the beginning of a song by the band “Train” the the song “Calling all Angels” as it opens with a statement: “… all of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere?”  One of the first songs in which I made the connection to the chemtrails.

Please watch in 720P HD mode, it really makes a difference.

Keep looking up!  -Scott Stevens


2012 1008 Chemtrail Laced Lenticular Lunacy

My weather discussion for Monday 8th October 2012 from Crestone Colorado.

As always, please check your playback settings and watch this in 720p (HD) resolution, it really makes a difference.

The day begins with numerous cirrus clouds that began as chemtrails earlier.  I notice that they are “sticking” along and over the Sangre de Cristo’s just to my east, often when this happens, lenticular clouds are just minutes, but no more than one hour, from forming and persisting for what is often the remainder of the daylight hours.

We’ll watch how those trails, and so many of them, morph into f-ed up lenticular clouds as the morning progresses.  At 21:45 I scan a thin layer of crazy clouds then a ‘fatty’ (US Air) comes along leaving a full wingspan rainbow persisting chemtrail. We’ll watch the plane go from a two engine disbursement mode, to full wingspan, back to two engine to OFF then back to full wingspan during the course of the three minutes that I’m watching this plane.  Crazy!

At 35:30 I look at the satellite, radar and the forecast models on the computer, looking for where the chemtrails will be flown during the upcoming day.

Then as the sunsets, at 48:00, I watch as the lenticular begins to fall apart.  Why only at sunset does it begin to fail?

Keep looking up,  -Scott

2012 1006 — None of this is Natural

6 October 2012 – Colorado

Nothing changes until the people see.

What a crazy day,  especially toward sunset and you get past the 15:00.  There was this lone cloud, not lenticular, not cirrus, not anything that fits nicely into a cloud type category.  There were all kind of add resonance waves and splash waves appearing in this cloud that lasted every bit of two hours.  What surprised me is that not a single plane came near the cloud during that entire time period.

A little later and closer to sunset,  a wafer thin series of clouds with endless geometric impressions presented itself to my southwest.  That orientation with the low sun angle set up the perfect lighting conditions to do some serious scanning of the sky at rather high optical magnification.

At about 28:00 in, two jet tracks, not contrails nor chemtrails, become visible in this exceedingly thin deck of clouds.  The track is more like plane just skimmed EXACTLY through the thin clouds at precisely the clouds altitude.  This show in the clouds is exceedingly rare.  Perfect lighting, wholly unnatural cloud shapes, two planes, and the event lasting for an extended period of time.

This discussion is rather lengthy, but I cover some topics that just aren’t being discussed elsewhere.  Plus, I’m doing this to develop a body of work.

My Panasonic P2 that does my time lapse work was cranky last night (Final Cut Pro X kept crashing) so I was unable to incorporate the time lapse video into this discussion.

Thanks for watching, and keep looking up!  -Scott

2012 October 5 — Airline Pilots Must Know


Pause any frame of any satellite imagery that I share, and look for the geometry within.  Just take a little time to look and then to share.
Yet, seeing remains conditional.
Note, at 2:47 in, the holes in the thin cloud shield below the stripe of clouds that I’m talking about as being visible in the time lapse imagery.  See the spider web of connection between them.  Then watch for the northern edge of of one of these formations being outlined by a chemtrail flight at 8:20.
Airline pilots are aloft for hours each day and have front row seats into this ballet of flights in the sky.  The seriousness of them talking about this chemtrail program must have been made clear to them when they begin flying for an airline, life threateningly serious.  Hence silence from this crowd.  That silence can’t last forever.

-Scott Stevens

2012 October 4 — Chemtrails Galore


Debris from days of chemtrailing of the West Coast of the States finally makes it to Colorado.  I begin with a satellite discussion of the current weather over North America followed by a step outside to assess what the chemtrails are interested in, by analyzing how they deform in the atmosphere.  Each and every chemtrail has some meteorological phenomena to reveal.

I’ve cut-in four segments from the time-lapse camera recording today’s cloud action.  At about 15:20 in, watch the bases of the clouds… Note how they are curling plus folding in on them selves AND moving against/across their general forward movement.  This plays strongly into the accumulation or the negative entropy of weather/clouds/moisture being driven by the Orgone.

Beginning at 15:45, note that as the clouds are coming toward the camera, they are continually being ‘eaten away’ at the edges while also growing strongly toward the outer edges of the cloud band… This is most apparent beginning at the 15:59 mark then by 16:06 a destructive force begins to whittle down the clouds integrity.

The last two minutes are a further look at the inbound chemtrails for the West Coast, and California specifically, the “chewed-up” clouds in the wake of the Minnesota/ND snows earlier in the day.  Plus all the holes littered across the nation.

This will only end when the people see it.

Keep looking up,


The source of the holes is an “anode”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Node_(physics)

2012 October 3 — The First Snow of the Season Hits the Dakota’s


California gets hammered yet again…  The potential for snows in the Upper Midwest and the Western Great Lakes States is inevitable.  This first storm of the season, in my humble opinion, is just the first of what in all likely hood will be an intense winter for much of the country.  Out West, the cold is needed to restore the health of the forests suffering under the extensive duress of the pine beetles.  Weeks with temperatures under -20 F are needed and have not been experienced in upwards of three decades.