2012-1209 Chemtrail Overload

December 10, 2012

Several days worth of time lapse imagery focused on the days with heavy trailing activity.  This particular set of days was just after the first of this year (2012).  This video is especially targeted at those that want to analyze the behavior as these trails as they interact with each other.  Observe that they are used to mark different flows (directional and speed) within discrete layers of the atmosphere.  Also note how the clouds will then rapidly form at locations, or the boundaries of locations, where the trails are laid down (0:10 then note the N-S rippling surging East that forms to the right of the trail).  Two trails at 0:23 with a deck of clouds developing and arriving from the NE with a center-line trail seen at 0:30.  A new N-S trail segment, plus another trail running E-W off into the distance laid down at 0:42 with the new deck of attendant clouds also arriving/developing from the north. Another trail laid down amidst rapidly developing clouds at 0:53.

Four trails, in a triangle formation, are laid down at 1:17 outlining the zone of new cloud formation.  Especially the trails at 1:20 & 1:22 extending to the right from mid-screen constitute the axis of new cloud formation.

The chemtrail at 1:49 sets the southern boundary for the rapidly developing clouds arriving from the north, three trails run through this deck of clouds at 2:05.  At 2:08 it is very easy to spot the two deformation behaviors as this chemtrail runs to the west across the clouds headed to split the N/S chemtrail just above the mountains well off to the west.  At 2:12 a trail perfectly splits a two-part fall streak cirrus cloud.

The rest of the video is a silent compilation of time lapse video of the chemtrails in the skies over Southern Colorado.

Keep looking up!

-Scott Stevens